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Do you think New Year’s Resolutions are cliché? In the past, I’ve made lists of goals but usually wind up burying them with everyday life within 2 weeks. Eat more vegetables, less screen time, enjoy the moment, put down the phone, quit smoking, exercise, take a trip. I mean well…sometimes I succeed like the whole smoking thing. 8 years and going strong. But most of the time it’s an epic fail. The last couple years I’ve noticed people giving their year a theme. Finding a word that resonates and has been missing from every day life. Mindfulness. Movement. Action.

New Year's Resolutions 2017


As I get ready to welcome 2017, plans, ideas, and bursts of creativity enter my head. Goals. But how to achieve them? Can goals be a theme or are they New Year’s Resolutions? Hmmmm. Well to begin with, I guess let’s write them down and see where it goes. Post them for the whole world to see. Where will House Of Hipsters go this year? Where will I go this year? A change is in the air. I can feel it.

New Year's Resolutions - Believe in Yourself

First things first…and this might be the most cliché things I’ve ever written down for a New Year’s Resolution, but I need to lose some weight. I sound like a friggin’ Weight Watchers commercial, but this is for real. My neighbor snapped a picture of me today, and I about fell over when she texted it to me. I mean, I didn’t even recognize myself. Maybe my theme should be “movement”. Get your ass in gear lady.

A couple years back I was working out on a weekly schedule. But after a two week stint in Germany, I somehow lost my groove. Going to spin class every Sunday seemed less important, and my 3 days a week at the gym turned into 1 day with my trainer, and that was only because he held me accountable for that Friday morning workout.

Then we decided to move and life was turned upside down. My gym was too far away and every new gym I visited just didn’t do it for me. Tons of guys wearing too much AXE cologne and calling each other bro and spin bikes set up stadium style. So not my scene. I told myself, meh, I’ll find a gym later when things settle down. Fast forward 8 months, and I’m presently 40 pounds heavier. I seriously have to squeeze, beg, and pray every morning to fit into my jeans. I know I can do it. I’ve done it before. I just have to find the motivation and believe in myself.

I’ve contemplated blogging about my workouts in the past, but I don’t know how you will feel about that. Although there’s another part of me that says Kyla, you’re working on yourself, for yourself, by yourself. But, all that being said, I still value your opinion. Are you guys game for some workout posts?

New Year's Resolutions - Working on myself, for myself

My New Year’s Resolutions or goals rather for the blog are to work harder, ask for help, and broaden the horizon. House of Hipsters will always revolve around home decor, but I want to add a few other things that interest me as well. Health, beauty, skin care, acupuncture…I mean, did you guys know I’m a freak about skin care and get a chemical peel once a month? Did you know I visit an acupuncturist once a week for anxiety and stress? Did you know I suffer from sleep apnea? Did you know, now that I’m 40, I fear aging and will buy just about any product that says, “anti-aging” on that packaging?

To help me accomplish all these new goals, I’ve enlisted help from my girls Erica Reitman and Grace Ray. Erica wrote 70s Design Trends You Didn’t Know You Were Obsessed With and 5 Small Space Design Rules You Should Totally Ignore. Ever since I’ve begged her to make another appearance on HOH. She’s agreed as long as she doesn’t miss any Kardashian marathons. If you don’t know her, she’s a straight talking, design ninja who will kick your house’s ass. She also vintage shops hard. I mean, what’s not to love about that, am I right?

You may remember Grace as one of my bloggery partners in crime back in the day. This year she co-founded an online magazine by the name of Do It Well Co. A space for women who want to be inspired and motivated without the pretense of hustle or glossy aspiration. It’s a pretty amazing publication. She’s also a DIY wizard and co-founded the #foundforaged hashtag with me and Laura Irion.

I personally cannot wait to see how 2017 unfolds, but until then, I decided to make you a free printable. Something inspiring to hang on your office wall and mine as well. Motivation to work hard and shine like a diamond.

New Year's Resolutions - My Year To Shine - Free Printable - Click thru to Download

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  1. Thanks for sharing your dreams and goals! They say putting them out there for the world is the first step to achieving them! I’m all for “lifestyle” posts… it’s your blog, so it should be what you want it to be (and I’m so on board with ANY anti-aging product advice I can get)! Best wishes for health, happiness, and success in 2017!

  2. Cassie Bustamante December 22, 2016

    yay! you can do it!!!! i know you can! i work out regularly and feel so much better and have more energy because of it… how is that for cliche right back at you?!?! but it’s true. on the days i skip i feel lousy about myself and i drag. and i’ve even cut back a little… i run 2-4 times a week, walk a couple times, and do a quick body/band/weight workout twice a week. it’s enough for me! you don’t have to feel like you are dying to get results. 😉 i do need to eat better though and that is where i struggle. i need a padlock on the fridge, especially now that i am home more…. boredom eating. and it’s not even boredom… maybe procrastination eating.

  3. Mary December 22, 2016

    I’ve quit smoking, started working out, and have lost almost 40 lbs. They say it gets harder to lose as you get older. I’m over 60 & I did it!
    I made a commitment to myself to stick to this no matter what. I equate it to a marriage. You stick to it even when it’s hard. Joining Jenny Craig is what worked for me.
    And joining a gym that had group exercise classes. I know I can’t be trusted to work out on my own. The only hard part of doing a class is getting there. Once you’re there, you’re good!
    You can do this if you really want it. Putting a bad picture of yourself on the fridge helps too.
    If you want to blog about all this, I’d love to read about it.

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