Beautiful Distractions No. 8

If you watched my Stories on Instagram over the last few days, you already know I was in LA for the Design Blogger’s Conference. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but I got to meet some incredible people, visit some amazing spaces, and was introduced to some new (to me) brands. So today on Beautiful Distractions, I thought I’d share some LA weekend highlights.

La Commune General Vintage Shop Los Angeles, CALa Commune General Vintage Shop


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My Top 7 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

It wasn’t until recently that I started shopping thrift stores. The smell kinda skeezed me out, and they are full of discarded junk that no one wants. Broke vases, mismatched glasses, bad holiday decor, old pots and pans, 100s of vases you get from the floral shop, fake Coach purses…shelf after shelf after shelf of down right garbage, right? WRONG!

7 Thrift Store Shopping Tips - how to find the best stuff at vintage shops

You’ve read my estate sale post and online estate sale shopping post…so how do you find the diamond in the rough when thrifting? The hidden gems? Here are my top 7 thrift store shopping tips.


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Makers & Shakers — The Story Of A Rug Collector

Since I started this blog, I’ve met some incredibly talented people. Some artists, others collectors, some makers…all are pretty darn talented. Sometimes they’re nice enough to let me get up close and personal and share their story. Today I’m featuring Kim Gunter, rug collector extraordinaire and the brains behind Woven Abode.

Makers & Shakers — The Rug Collector Kim Gunter The Woven Abode


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Online Estate Sales — Everything But The House

If you’ve been around these parts, you know I’m a sucker for estate sales. A couple months ago, I even wrote a how-to-guide explaining all the ins and outs. Where to find estate sales, what to expect, how to pay, what to bring, etc… But, what do you do when there are no estate sales in your area? Or maybe you work every weekend. Or maybe you just had quadruplets. Or maybe you just don’t like people and want to stay home…which is totes okay if you do. Don’t you worry; I’ve got you covered. There’s thing fun little site I know called Everything But The House where you can attend online estate sales 24/7 all over the US. Yep, you read that right! You wanna shop an estate sale in Los Angeles while living in Buford, Wyoming wearing jammies in bed at 3:17am, you can!

Shop online estate sales with Everything But The house and House Of Hipsters - Home Decor


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Pop-Up Tag Sale — $5 Makes Ya Holla!!!

Attention all Chicagoans! You read that right, I’m purging. Y’all know I’m on a strict “one in one out” grounding notice by The Boy. This border hoarder needs to make room for all the new Paris flea treasures, so I teamed up with The Savoy Flea to bring you a whopper of a sale.  Brass, indigo, rattan, lamps, vases…it’s all gotta go! We promise to have $5, $10, and $20 tables full of vintage goodness. This is going to be the mother of all vintage sales, and it’s all priced to sell.

Pop Up Tag Sale in Chicago with The Savoy Flea and House Of Hipsters

The Savoy Flea
2621 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL
Entrance is on the side of the parking lot

10AM – 3PM

We’ve both  got a ton of stuff with your name on it. Bring cash, a truck, and get there early ‘cuz once everything is gone, it’s gone. The Savoy Flea (Marianne) and I will be slinging vintage at 10AM sharp. Be there or be square, and watched my Instagram Stories for sneak peeks. See you soon.

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