Another Bathroom Renovation?

Someone call for help because I’m certifiably insane. Yep, you read that right. Potty Paradise looked so incredible, we decided to renovate another bathroom in the new house. Eeeeep! But I swear I have a really good excuse for the added destruction. You already know we are in the process of fixing the basement after The Great Flood of 2016, but there was one small problem. The bathroom down there wasn’t destroyed by water. Well that is disappointing.

Basement Bathroom Renovation


Gerry was going to be at the house anyway, I thought very silently to myself, “why not rip up a tiny bit more flooring? And add some paint. And a new potty. And let’s throw in a new sink while we’re at it, right?” I mean, I can’t have this amazing looking basement with a grungy, old, potty can I? What would the neighbors think? Besides, this space was gross and on the honey-do, please fix it checklist to begin with…see, that’s insight into how I talk The Boy into these crazy ideas. Gerry’s here already, and you don’t have to lift a finger. I’m mean, it’s totally and completely logical. He begrudgingly agreed with a handshake of no more after this. And ya, I totally crossed my fingers on that promise. So without further ado, let’s get into this bathroom renovation already.

Basement Bathroom Renovation - Before

Question #1: Will it look anything like Potty Paradise? Nope! Well, there will be some white subway tile from Clé because I heart it so, but that is the only resemblance. Oh, and that brass trim used as edging.

Question #2: Will there be wallpaper? Yes! Ever since putting wallpaper in the One Room Challenge bathroom, I’m pretty much obsessed with the stuff. It adds so much drama to a space.

Question #3: Will it be impossible for anyone to recreate? Nope! Because of The Great Flood Of 2016, I’m on a super tight budget. We are talking easy but drop dead gorgeous. Simply beautiful…the Audrey Hepburn of bathrooms. Although I might splurge on a faucet.

First off, let’s talk tile. I went back to Clé for white subway tile on the walls. I’ve become completely obsessed with their Essentials Collection. The clean, white, classic look of subway has a hold of my heart and won’t let go. I also have a little boy who isn’t always on his A-game with aim. Remember Question #2 up above and I said yes to wallpaper? Well, with premonitions of yuck to clean, I decided, let’s protect that pretty paper with a bit with subway tile.

So now that we all know what’s similar to Potty Paradise, let’s talk about what’s different. I so badly wanted to use penny round tile on the floor for the One Room Challenge but changed my mind to go crazy, whackadoo, bold with the Cubicon encaustic cement tile. Being that I talked The Boy into a second bathroom reno, why not get the best of both worlds and put penny rounds in the basement? Yesssa! Brilliant! Now, to go with white or black? Decisions. Decisions. Let’s marinate on that and come back a bit.

Basement Bathroom Renovation - Before

Wallpaper shopping can be a daunting task. So many patterns and colors and textures! Since I have such a problem decorating with pillows, one might think wallpaper would be too much of a commitment for me…but no. I just wish I knew how to hang it myself. As Yoda would say, “Learning you are.” Anyhoo, I ran across this babe of a pattern in my One Room Challenge search and pinned it. I looked at it day after day and even ordered it for the ORC. But those sloths smoking hookahs were just too good to be ignored. I dragged my feet on the return long enough to think shazam…let’s use the palm fronds in the basement. There’s this hit of brass in the pattern that will give that WOW factor.

The nice thing about this particular paper is that if you’re a renter or afraid of commitment, it’s SureStripe which allows for a paste-free application and easy removal. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Also, this paper…unlike the House Of Hackney paper, is WAAAAAAAAAY more affordable. See, keepin’ it in budget. The Boy would be so proud…and if he’s reading this, he just totally rolled his eyes. Ya, I caught you. Don’t think I don’t know.

Basement Bathroom Renovation Moodboard and Inspiration

I’m planning on going with the same toilet as the bathroom upstairs, but instead of the hassle of an antique vanity, I’m keeping it simple with a classic, white pedestal sink. Remember how I said the Audrey Hepburn of powder rooms? You know how she could make black pants and a plain white tee look insanely chic? That’s the look we are going for here. I found the perfect black faucet…which I’ll have you know is one of the hardest things to source. AND if you happen to find one, good luck finding one in stock. After striking out twice with Graff (they apparently really wanted me to have Polished Chrome even though I ordered Architectural Black), I found this lovely little number.

I haven’t totally decided on lighting, but I’m leaning towards these classic modern beauty. You know my love of brass, and these beauties make such an elegant statement. Simple yet posh.

Mirror shopping is a must, and I’m surprised I haven’t done it already since the former owners took ALL the bathroom mirrors not attached to cabinetry with them. Seriously? Who does that? Still contemplating if I should go super sleek and modern or add a bit of glam with the mirror. Got any suggestions?

Well, there you have it. One basement full of possibilities and a whole lotta adventure. Will the stress of this renovation finally put The Boy over the edge? Will Gerry finally say, “Lady you’re an insane nut job. Stop asking to photograph my boots in a shoefie because they are so Instagrammable.”? Find out next year!



  1. ashley@biggerthanthethreeofus December 27, 2016

    Sounds fun! We are planning to tackle our basement bathroom this year too!! I’m jealous of your window even if it’s a bit odd – ours doesn’t have a window but does have a shower. Anyways, can’t wait to see this come together.

  2. sherry hart December 28, 2016

    Well you don’t have to talk me into it! Black and white is my jam so I know I will be all giddy when it’s finished:)

  3. Can’t wait to see it! I’m already in love with the wallpaper and penny rounds…great picks!

  4. Sarah January 5, 2017

    I cannot wait to see this bathroom! In a wonderful coincidence, I had ordered the same wallpaper for my powder room, yet haven’t plunged into the project yet. Added coincidence, I have the exact same window in my room!

    • kyla January 13, 2017

      That window is the trickiest thing! And it wasn’t awesome to paper around either =) Please share your the pics of your powder room! I’d love to see how yours looks!

  5. Lauren dahl January 13, 2017

    Yasssssssssss!!!! Love me some good before photos, and I can’t wait til the after! I don’t have a suggestion for the window, but I actually like it as is, I mean shape wise. Maybe even black painted trim + black gloss paint on the recessed part. Are you getting a new window? Or trying to make this one work? , Love the wallpaper, and the penny tile, and I keep going back to the window. Like I kinda want one.


    • kyla January 14, 2017

      Girl! We don’t have a budget for a new window LOL…it sure is hideous though. HA! Gotta make it work.

  6. Samantha T. January 13, 2017

    Black and white would be a good color combination, but I think it would need just a little splash of color. I would think a soft pink would go well with the blacks and whites- especially the penny tile you’re thinking of using.

    • kyla January 14, 2017

      OOOOH! I like the idea of pink!

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  8. mayra January 17, 2017

    You have some great bathroom ideas and i can already see the outcome of it! I was also excited when my bathroom was done by furnishr and i cant believe how fantastic their designs are. You must check out their website at You will be fascinated!

  9. For painting the edges of a wall always scrape them with a screw driver and make distinct marks on the edges in this way you will not end up overlapping the paint surfaces.

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