Closet Makeover – Wallpaper Surprise

Closets…they’re boring, right? They don’t have to be. Miles Redd changed my mind when I heard him speak at the Design Influencers Conference last Spring. His argument, in a nutshell, imagine yourself as a guest, standing in a foyer. The homeowner says, “May I take your coat?” The closet door opens and shazam! Tiny jewelry box surprise hidden inside.

Add excitement to a closet by adding a wallpaper surprise before and afterMORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Lulu & Georgia’s Friends And Family Sale — Send Help

Did anyone else miss the memo that Lulu & Georgia was having a Friends and Family sale??? Yep, you read that right…25% off everything with the promo code SPLURGE. Here’s a few things that I may or may not have in my shopping cart right now…shhhhh don’t tell The Boy.

Sarah Sherman Samuel's wallpaper for Lulu & GeorgiaWallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel   /   Photo by Monica Wang


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Wallpaper — Are You Brave Enough?

2018 is going to be the year wallpaper shines. I can’t tell you how many estate sales I attended where it was the star. Time capsule homes with wallpaper in the bathroom, master bedroom, living room and even on the ceiling. I’d snap a picture, post it to Instagram Stories and the response was bonkers. From then to now, one thing’s for sure — it’s a great way to show off your personality.

Becki Owens used Farrow and Ball Lotus wallpaper in a modern playroom. Becki Owens used Farrow and Ball in a modern playroom.


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cole & sons — woods wallpaper


patterns, patterns, patterns…there are so many to chose from! and how do you narrow it down to one. or to make the decision more difficult, how do you pick more then one pattern that doesn’t make your home look like a crazy fruit bowl? how do you make them mesh; be fluid. if i thought picking a paint pallet was tough, adding in patterns and multiple colors can make my head spin. i thought pillows were difficult. seriously, how do interior designers do it? oh ya, that’s right, they go to school for that stuff.

since we moved to the new house, i’ve been contemplating wallpaper much to the boy’s dismay…but (i think) the reasoning behind it is because neither of us have ever plastered it to walls—wallpaper newbies. i always thought wallpaper was too much of a commitment, too 70’s and too much of a pain in the ass, but the mind changer was when i found ferm living a few years back. recently, i dipped my toes into wall decals in little maus’s bedroom. we, and when i say we, i mean the boy, stuck a tree decal into the corner of the room, and i love it. it is soft and subtle; however, i have not clue as to how to remove it…i guess i will learn years down the road when she is 15 and deal with it then. i digress.

while perusing design*sponge, I came across this blog post and fell in love with the cole & sons new contemporary two woods wallpaper. all i could think while viewing sonja rasula’s dining room was was, “hey there pretty little birch trees. you guys need to be living in my foyer along side the barrister shelving and the haywood wakefield chair”, omg, this pattern might just change my life. dramatic, maybe a touch, but seriously crushing on it all the same. the wallpaper pattern, designed by michael clark in 1959, features bold sketches of trees making a unique forest repeat. it would look fabu in my mcm cookie cutter home.

my love for birch trees stems from my childhood. my parents had this beautiful white paper birch in their front yard. i can remember sitting next to it, running my fingers over the trunk. the paper bark peeling off and feeling silky soft. the pattern clark created just makes me think warm and cozy thoughts. it brings the outside into the home which is the main idea i’ve tried to convey in the interior of our home. i guess all i have to say now is, “get on my walls!” let’s do this!