Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

In case you couldn’t tell from my last post, I want to move sooooo badly. My brain has been on home decor overload (presently dining room interior design ideas have been top of mind), and I have the storage room to show for it…insert monkey covering it’s eyes emoji. The closing for the new house can’t come soon enough because I fear I’m nearing cut off from my phone…particularly for Pinteresting reasons.

Dining room interior design ideas. Eclectic mix of old and new makes this modern dining room shine. I love the marble top on this dining room table! via Kristofer Johnsson / H&M Home


Craigslist, Etsy, and Chairish are perused nightly. I’m like a hamster in a wheel. I’m very quickly running out of room to stash my treasures, and the UPS man hates me more then he did during the One Room Challenge. Also, The Boy has put a halt on all things furniture. It’s kinda spiraled so out of control. He has even enforced the much dreaded “One In, One Out” policy. Apparently, when one acquires 58 chairs in one’s house, one successfully achieves hoarder status. Yes, I just typed 58! The new rule is one table in, one table out. One chair in, one chair out. This is presently my life.

Dining room interior design ideas. Eclectic mix of old and new makes this modern dining room shine. via Pauliina Salonen / Deko

So what’s the all fuss about? The title of the post probably gave it away…it’s the dining room interior design of course. This will be the first time I create a formal dining room, so I’ve been pinning away some crazy cool eclectic mix of old and new design ideas. The blue lady painting I picked up from Marianne of The Savoy Flea has been my inspiration. After the house purchase was official, I texted Beth from South Loop Loft and asked her to keep her eyes out for a chippy old barn table and a killer rug. She said she was about to put her first vintage find…which happened to be a killer blue rug that matched the painting perfectly…up for sale. Sold!

Dining Room Interior Design Ideas. Brass chairs paired with a vintage wood dining room table. via Brittany Makes

The rug has splashes of pink, and it’s incredibly gorgeous! After a 20 minute brainstorming sesh with Beth, we came up with the idea to pair the old wooden table with brass chairs…specifically vintage brass chairs with pale blush upholstery. To modernize the farm table and give the space an eclectic yet glam look, Beth suggested adding a piece of remnant marble to the top. Yes to all of the above, and the search was on.

Dining Room Interior Design. Old weathered farm table in sleek modern kitchen. I love the navy velvet bench.via House And Home

That was back in early January. It’s been 3 solid months of scrolling and sifting through image after image after estate sale after flea market. I think I used every keyword known to man: brass chairs, 6 dining chairs, gold chairs, brass and glass, cantilever, wood table, turned leg table, farm table, rustic table, dining room table, dining table. I kept coming up with a big fat ol’ zero. About 3 weeks ago, I was running about in my hamster wheel singing U2’s, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” when Beth sent me a link and with the single word “CHAIRS!!!!!!!”. This girl has one heck of an eye, so I knew they’d be good.

modern-vintage-eclectic-dining-room-interior-design-ideas-5via James Stokes for vtwonen

They were cantilever and brass, but black with a pointy hump top…hmmmm. The black was an easy fix, but after a bit of discussion, Beth thought maybe the upholsterer could soften out the hump. That settled it. The chairs were a done deal. I hopped in Layla, brought them home, and stashed them in storage away from The Boy.

Now let me tell you, this common old pine table alluded me. I don’t know if it was because rustic chippy farm tables are out of my element, but I just couldn’t seem to nail down this style. Beth sent me a couple from my secret squirrel shop that were perf, but when I drove over to make the purchase 2 days later, both tables were gone. Crap.

Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

I finally found this unicorn on Craigslist a couple days ago for $100. It’s older, heavy, and in really good condition. I drove down to Oak Park in the freezing rain to pick it up, and somehow managed to haul it out, wrapped up, and secured in the dark all on my own. By the time it was said and done, I looked like a shivering, cold, drown rat, but the table had been procured. Completely worth it.

Wait Kyla, but you said you had all these chairs?!?!?!?!? What gives? Well, while searching for my dining room interior design decor, I of course was snapping up some other great finds! Like this tulip table I bought for the kitchen eating nook. And these chairs (below) courtesy of Happy Modern Living. Then while perusing the secret squirrel shop, I found another vintage tulip table and 2 Ed Wormley chairs (they are kind of a hot mess and in need of some lovin’…project chairs). Okay, so that makes 12 chairs and 3 tables, right? (not counting my existing dining room table, chairs, etc…)


So, I saved a tiny surprised for the end. A tiny surprise that put The Boy over the edge…broke the camel’s back so to speak. A surprised that caused him to say, “I’m going to be the effing Oprah of chairs! You get a chair! You get a chair! And you get a chair too!” Only he didn’t say effing. Whoopsies. Ear muffs.

Remember when I said I was nervous about the hump on those black chairs? Well, my brain kept saying, what if you sink all this money into reupholstering these chairs and you still aren’t happy with that pointy hump? I thought back to a set of Pierre Cardin Style Brass Z Chairs. And voila, this is how you attain the title chair hoarder and get banned from bringing anything else into your home with the One In, One Out policy. But they are so freakin’ pretty, don’t cha think? Again, completely worth it.

Vinage Pierre Cardin brass dining room chairs

The closing is only days away now, and I’ll slowly be dragging chairs to the new house. I can’t wait to share the dining room progress with you!




  1. Aman Bansal March 30, 2016

    Just amazing dining room designs. I like all the designs but Brittany Makes interior impress me a lot for my new home. It’s just terrific. 🙂

  2. Kelly March 31, 2016

    Hi Kyla,
    Thanks for the shout out regarding the vintage chairs. I can’t wait to see what you do with the dining room. good luck!
    – Kelly

  3. Megan April 6, 2016

    Kyla, I can’t wait to see the new space! I’m working on my own dining room & having trouble figuring out a rug. What are your thoughts on good rugs for under a table? Like what won’t get discussing?

  4. www.craftsbydebbie.com April 12, 2016

    I am now looking forward to revamping my dining room! Oh my, I am really looking for a great overhead lighting fixture for the dining table!

  5. Alise Harper June 16, 2016

    I just got married and in the process of decorating my new home. Thank you for all the pictures they are giving me great ideas for my dining room! I love the picture with the rustic wood table and the beautiful vase with flowers. I think the rustic table makes the room feel homie and not as proper which I love. I definitely will use this picture when buying my furniture so I can get something similar to it. Thanks for helping me create my home!

  6. Anna in Chicago July 11, 2016

    I love that red/pink area rug under the wooden table. It compliments the room well- I need one for my apartment!

  7. Margaret July 16, 2016

    what kind of fabric did you use to recover those blush chairs?

  8. Home by me August 17, 2016

    Photos are very gorgeous !! I have just moved and I look for decorating ideas, my husband leaves the field free,I’m really eager to get started.


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