Potty Paradise – The Bathroom Makeover

With all the Cubs hoopla, my Week 5 One Room Challenge post got a bit lost in the shuffle. But don’t you worry that pretty little head of yours, we are on schedule and feeling fly y’all. Potty Paradise is almost complete, and Gerry and I are snoopy dancing on the Clé Tiles…okay, Gerry’s technically not dancing like this, but I’m all…

One Room Challenge Bathroom Makeover dance

In Week 4, I left you with a cliff hanger…the excitement in the air was electric. Renee was here hanging the first few panels of wallpaper, and I couldn’t help but share the, “Oh my God I can’t believe I live here!” moment with you. Once those panels went up the whole space just transformed. Even The Boy’s mouth was on the floor…and it takes a lot to impress him.


House Of Hackney Empire wallpaper install in the One Room Challenge bathroom makeover.

Remember this? We all kept changing our minds on which animal we loved the most. I’m still stickin’ with the sloth with the hookah. A bit of advice for those who are thinking, hot damn I’m buying that wallpaper for my own home…if this is your first time, let a professional hang it…especially if you’re doing a half wall like me. The repeat is tricky. Basically, you need a full roll for four panels on a wall. So for a job like mine, there’s a ton of waste. Sadsies.

But once Renee figured the repeat out, she was off to the races. I was so excited to be working from home that day watching the progress. Gerry stopped by to check in, and I about had to pick his jaw up from the floor. It’s so much fun to make up a crazy whack-a-doo design in your head and watch it come to life. Especially when the others around you don’t see it’s awesomeness right away. It’s just so fun to see their reaction.

Gerry, just you wait until that sexy chandie goes up. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

House Of Hackney Empire wallpaper install in the One Room Challenge bathroom makeover.

Speaking of which, I met up with my girl Marianne from The Savoy Flea to pick up that lucite beauty…and in case you’re wondering, she just posted a couple more pretties in her fall collection. Here’s the latest I’ve been drooling over…7 tiers of awesome.

I needed to find a canopy box for the chandelier and didn’t want anything from a normal store…who’da thunk that, right? In my search of, “modern brass canopy box”, Google led me straight to this great shop. They also have an Etsy shop. The owner Hilary was super nice, and since I was running a bit behind on ordering, was kind enough to rush my order. Hilary, in case you are reading this, I can’t thank you enough.

Vintage lucite chandelier from The Savoy Flea in Chicago, IL paired with a ceiling medallion and modern brass canopy box kit.

Since finding the canopy box kit was entirely too easy, I decided to complicate things a bit more by adding a ceiling medallion to the mix. I mean, if I was ever going to own one, it would be in this space that was fancy pants enough to handle it.

There was still one thing that needed to be remedied. The snafoo of my wall lighting. They were still on backorder. When I ordered them, the site said in stock. Two weeks after ordering, the site said baclordered until October. Now it says December 30. Well, boo! Ya, that’s not going to work.

Marianne remembered Circa Lighting had similar black and brass cone lights, but of course being curious, I kept scrolling and found these babes. Come to momma! The cone lighting…yes, it’s gorgeous, but totally expected. I wanted more. Push the envelope. Remember in Week 1 and Week 2 when I said this bathroom makeover was going to slay like Bey? This was the One Room Challenge, and I needed the mother of all sconces. Not sure if a credit card has ever been whipped out so fast. Kardashian speed.

House Of Hackney Empire midnight wallpaper and white subway tile from Clé Tile on the walls and cement tiles - Cubicon - on the floor by Clé Tile

In the mean time, Renee finished up her paper party, and Gerry stepped back in to install the medallion and chandie. It looked easy enough but that little bugger gave him a run for his money. It wasn’t the medallion though, it was the framework on the ceiling was crooked, and after a long battle, we decided to cut our loses and leave a slight gap on the side facing the wall. Weird, confusing, random shit Kyla buys trumps Gerry this time. He may have lost that battle of wills here, but he still won the bathroom makeover war. And that says a lot because I really through this man for a loop.

Thankfully the antique mirror from the Elkhorn Flea adventure went up licketty split. I was contemplating taking the harsh golden tone of the frame down a bit, but now that it’s up, I kinda like it, and I’m thinking don’t touch it. What do you think? Dull it down or no? I’m also debating if I should shine the lion heads…yay? nay? The one thing I’m sure of is I totally dig the wallpaper and tile mix. It’s just so kapow!

Are you ready for the reveal??? Well, I’m sorry to say you have to wait another 24 hours. Blerg, I’m so sorry. I’m such a tease…but Gerry and I are doing some last minute tweaks on Potty Paradise. Tomorrow morning…pinky swear! But to tide you over, you can always check out last year’s One Room Challenge final reveal…the before and after is pretty mind blowing.



  1. Soak Tanks US November 14, 2016

    Love this so much. A fun and stylish take on Thanks giving decor.

  2. Kim Pippin September 19, 2017

    Fantastic is absolutely wonderful this change. You gave me an idea to set up my bathroom and especially that you do not have to invest a lot.


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