Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge – Week 2

Ooof! How has a week passed? Can you riddle me that? When you’re knee deep in the One Room Challenge, time flies when your swinging sledgehammers. Gerry and his team are hard at work and so am I…finally picked a tile for the bathroom makeover, and lemme tell you, it wasn’t an easy choice. Wanna get into it? Let’s roll!

Clé Tile and House Of Hipsters have partnered up for a bathroom makeover. Picked floor tile. Beautiful cement tile. Modern.


First and foremost, I’m so glad you’re as excited about the tile as I am! It was fun to read all the comments…everyone was all over the board with favorites, and it surprised me there were no major favorites or clear cut direction. Ultimately, I decided on Cubicon by Clé Tiles. The room itself is super small, and my hope is that the geometric pattern will give the space more depth. Now that a decision had been made on the floor tile, the rest would (hopefully) fall into place. My Pinterest game face was on and a mood board started to come together. Ready for the inspo???

One Room Challenge House Of Hipsters Bathroom Makeover mood board. Modern eclectic twist. Clé Tile and House of Hackney Empire Wallpaper.

Since this is the One Room Challenge, my bathroom makeover motto for the next month is going to be, “Go big or go home.” For me, ORC is all about that wow factor. Being bold and standing out in a sea of other mind blowing rooms is not an easy task. After checking out my competition last week, I channeled my inner Beyoncé and thought, “We gon’ slay.” I am bound and determined to have the inside of this room look like a jewelry box. Like when you open this door…you’re gonna forget you have to pee.

One Room Challenge House Of Hipsters Bathroom Makeover mood board. Modern eclectic twist. Clé Tile and House of Hackney Empire Wallpaper.

subway tile   //   floor tile   //   wallpaper   //   sink
faucet   //   sconces   //   toilet   //   toilet paper holder

Gerry and his crew gutted the room licketty split only to find out the old toilet had a slow leak and the subfloor was wet. Whomp. Whomp. So much for slaying anything huh? But he could still work on other things in this 30 sq. ft. room while the floor dried.

One Room Challenge House Of Hipsters Bathroom Makeover mood board. Modern eclectic twist. - The gut process.

I of course decided I wanted to switch around the electrical. Never take the easy way out, and never take no for an answer. There were two spotlights over the toilet. I told The Boy ummmm, ya, we gon change that up. Rather then feeling interrogated on the toilet, how about an incredible vintage lucite chandelier? Thanks The Savoy Flea!!!

A special thanks to Gerry for figuring out a plan to get that chandie over the potty. And on a side note, he’s pretty much the bomb dot com. Having to deal with me can be nightmarish. It’s custom everything. I apparently like to take the most difficult road possible. If it’s hard, let’s make it brutal. I’m going to buy wallpaper from England and the glue needs to be imported and the measurements are metric. Nothing can be bought at a normal store. Gerry is taking my crazy in stride though, so let’s all give him a virtual high five!

Vintage lucite chandelier from The Savoy Flea. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography.Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

I went round and round on wallpaper. Originally I planned to have a blush marble pattern, but then I got a peek at the Light Lab bathroom. Awe man! Pink marble on fleek. Bathroom makeover motto – go big or go home – we gon slay. So, WWBD? (what would Beyoncé do?) She’d take a flight on her chopper and get herself some bad ass wallpaper that’s what she’d do! I almost picked Artemis, but I ultimately chose the sloth smoking a hookah…I mean seriously, IT’S A SLOTH SMOKING A HOOKAH!

My only fear with the wallpaper was my children. This is a heavily used bathroom because it’s the only one on the main floor. Kids come home after school…wash your hands. Kids finish eating…wash your hands. All of a sudden they look at you in a panic and run away yelling, “I gotta go potty!” Wash your hands. And my son doesn’t always have the best aim…wash your hands! The last bathroom had water streaks running down the wall near the sink and towel bar. Wallpaper and water don’t mix. I headed back to Clé Tile to check out Clé Essentials and chose a classic white subway tile. A perfect way to neutralize the crazy wallpaper and bold floor tile.

Progress is quickly being made folks. Here’s a few more pictures of the gut process. Gerry and his crew are killin’ it! The soffit about the sink has been removed. The fan is being moved to make room for the chandie. The electrical is being rewired.

One Room Challenge House Of Hipsters Bathroom Makeover mood board. Modern eclectic twist. - The gut process.

The ugly, old, hunky, chunky vanity has made a disappearing act. Now I just need the floor to dry.

One Room Challenge House Of Hipsters Bathroom Makeover mood board. Modern eclectic twist. - The gut process.

Tune in next week for more updates, and be sure to stop over to the One Room Challenge link up to check out all the other participants spaces. See you guys next week!


  1. Erin Burke October 14, 2016

    Ummm, this is going to be amazing!!!!

  2. Brittany Goldwyn October 14, 2016

    Oh man, I was hoping for cigar shop, but I love them all. I guess I’ll just have to put cigar shop to work in my house somewhere! 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, this is going to be fab!! That vintage light is just amazing. And to put it in the bathroom? Crazy awesome!

  4. Super jealous about the direction this bathroom is going. My rental bathrooms are a bit sad… if only!

  5. Jessica | Petal + Ply October 14, 2016

    gah. This plan looks so amazing.

  6. Ariel October 14, 2016

    LIVING for that wallpaper. I was looking at something very similar just the other day actually!

  7. Keila October 14, 2016

    I can’t wait to see next weeks progress! That wallpaper is my life!

  8. Mary October 14, 2016

    Can I make a suggestion? If you haven’t bought your toilet yet, I advice you to get the Delta Riosa toilet. I just got it & it’s made cleaning our bathroom a little easier. The sides of the toilet are smooth. (Perfect when dealing with boys.) So cleaning the toilet is so much easier.
    And I think it looks more modern. You can thank me later.

  9. Lindi October 14, 2016

    Wow girl! you have your hands full!! Nice to see someone else starting from scratch though! That wallpaper is going to be UH-Mazing!

  10. Iris Nacole October 15, 2016

    I love the tile choice, and per your recommendation, I think I’ve found one for my own powder room renovation which is coming up soon. I’m so excited to see your space come together. You’re right, go big or go home in the ORC should be everyone’s motto. I just wish I had the guts to go as big as you, because I absolutely LOVE spaces like your’s! Sadly, I think I’d have to start all over with this house if I did that, so I’ll have to leave that for a future home, or really work on designing something that will meld the two that’ll work here. Now I’m blabbing, sorry. Cant’ wait to see more next week!

  11. Melissa @ Polished Habitat October 16, 2016

    My favorite line from this ORC so far – “Like when you open this door…you’re gonna forget you have to pee.” It’s the perfect way to some up my ORC attitude too. I just wish I was doing a bathroom so I could steal it.

    I’m dying to see this jewel box finished. It’s going to be SO GOOD.

  12. Amanda October 17, 2016

    OMG this room is going to be awesome. Cannot wait to see it come together!!

  13. Crystal Fox October 17, 2016

    I seriously love how bold your design plan is! It’s going to be such an amazing transformation!

  14. Sarah October 17, 2016

    The plan looks ahhhmazing! cannot wait to see it all come together!

  15. Breanna Bertolini October 17, 2016

    Boo for hiccups but you’re making awesome progress! This is going to be one stylish bathroom!

  16. Maria Brittis October 17, 2016

    You are such a rock star with the choices of colors and prints, Mirror to swoon over, I am deeply in love with that Vanity. My goodness your taste is off the charts.

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