Jojotastic & House Of Hipsters DesignOff with Decorist – Mood Board Reveal

You wanna know who’s dripping with talent? Ashley Redmond from Decorist, that’s who. This interior design super hero crushed the mood boards for my living room project. Jojotastic, you’re going down girl.

Quick recap, you were asked to choose which mood board design I should moved forward with. You commented, emailed, direct messaged…I think I even saw a few smoke signals…and for quite a while the boards were neck and neck. Neutral Glam was ahead then it was Eclectic Vintage. I want to thank you all for weighing in. It’s been so exciting to watch it all unfold…have you been keeping up? If not, here is Part 1 and Part 2. Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here for you to catch up…I’ll just be standing here, dancing…come on, click on the jump for the mood board reveal…seriously, I have ants in my pants.

OH! AND THIS JUST POPPED INTO MY INBOX! Decorist wants to celebrate the mood board reveals. They’re hosting a special flash sale. So, if you were thinking about hiring them, now is your chance to save. Just use the code DesignOff30 to receive 30% off a Classic or Elite Design Package. And now I’ll bet you’re dancing too!

Jimmie Fallon Happy Dance


Let’s get one thing straight. These mood boards were the shizzz. We can all agree on that, am I right? I’m convinced that if I didn’t have you to choose which design to move forward with I’d still be staring at both…trying to make a decision. And I really don’t know why I’m dragging this out anymore because you’ve probably already scrolled down to peek cheaters.

Decorist Mood Board Reveal. 3D renderings. Designer: Ashley Redmond

Once we knew Neutral Glam was the clear winner, Decorist sent off my room specs, shopping list, and mood board design to their 3D Rendering department. Can you guys believe this is not my REAL ROOM!?!?!?!?!?! Saaay wut? Somewhere down the road I hope it looks this good, but yes, this is a rendering of what the living room should look like when it’s all said and done. It’s not real! But it looks sooooo real! How do they do that!?!?!

Decorist Mood Board Reveal. 3D renderings. Designer: Ashley Redmond

When I look at these 3D Renderings I swear it’s like a genie crept into my living room and put everything together, snapped a picture, dismantled it and ran away. Cuz let me tell you, my room in no way shape or form looks anything like this, but the room itself looks like this. It’s incredible! Shazam! Here’s the most perfect lamp.

Did you notice a few things are slightly different from the original mood board? That sofa is the Interior Define Caitlin sofa. A few of you asked if the sofa from Eclectic Vintage could be swapped out for the Neutral Glam sofa…and I thought to myself, “Woah! Now that’s a brilliant idea!” Not that I didn’t like the other sofa, but because did you see those brass legs on Caitlin??? Va va voom! Get in my room! Holy heart eyes, it was love at first sight.

The artwork over the sofa in the original mood board was swapped out for this incredible capture by Lani Trock available at Tappan Collective. The soft blush was just to gorgeous to pass up, and brought in a touch of girlie-girl to the space. Besides, I’ve lusted after this piece for so long…I had to have it. You might have caught a glimpse of it in my Instagram story last night. 

Decorist Mood Board Reveal. 3D renderings. Designer: Ashley Redmond

LOOK AT THAT BRASS SHELF! My girl Beth who owns South Loop Loft really hooked me up with this piece. When I saw it in the mood board I reached out to her immediately and asked if she had one like it. Her answer, “Girl I got you covered! I have 4!” Phew! Side note, if you’re ever looking for something special, give her a buzz. Only a small portion of what you see online is in the shop. That and she doesn’t have it, she’ll be the lookout for you. Eventually, she will find it. I love that about her. Best part…it doesn’t matter if you’re local to Chicago or not. She ships. Just be sure to tell her I sent ya.

Decorist Mood Board Reveal. 3D renderings. Designer: Ashley Redmond

One cute little side table from ATG Stores will be added into the mix along with a solid gray and pattern pillow.

I love this side table from ATG Store

So now what Kyla? Do you have to travel near and far to buy all this stuff? NOPE! Decorist emails you a link, and you can buy everything in one easy checkout. They get you the best prices and access to wholesale deals you can’t find anywhere else. Three words, “totally worth it.” It’s fast, easy, and everything is delivered to your door, hassle free. You can also finance your purchases…which is new.

Decorist Shopping List

I was lucky enough to have a few of these pieces in my possession and was thankful Ashley was able to incorporate them. The brass shell I picked up from The Savoy Flea, and the navy chair I’ve had for years.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see what room design your chose for Jojotastic. Have you been over there already? Am I going to win this challenge? Seriously, tell me…I mean, I know hers is going to be good, but mine is better, right? Tee hee!


  1. Mary August 9, 2016

    Nice! Real nice! I like the contrast between the fancyness of the brass & the casualness of the rattan chair.

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  3. Ariel August 10, 2016

    girl! I love this! Super interested in this 3d rendering software too….

  4. Bre August 10, 2016

    That rendering looks so real, it’s amazing!! This room is going to look dynamite. Can’t wait to see it al come together!

  5. Colleen Stevens August 10, 2016

    That brass shelf is just gorgeous…and the blue chair. The shelf and the chair together are so pretty! Love it all!

  6. dholley81 August 14, 2016

    Gorgeous. I can’t believe those are renderings. That’s crazy.

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