We Got A New Sofa – With Jonathan Louis

This post is sponsored by Jonathan Louis. 

Today I have a before and after furniture reveal that is pretty much mindblowing. A while back, I wrote about a quest for the perfect TV watching sofa. When we first moved into the house, I had purchased a vintage sofa with the thought process of it’s: used, it already has dents and dings, and I won’t be sad when my kids wreck it. That thought process lasted for exactly 4 months.

Before and After Living Room Makeover Reveal with Jonathan Louis

After daily use, there were 3 new holes in the beautifully patinaed leather and my son had used his fingernail to scratch words into the back side of the leather. It was also sat through and incredibly uncomfortable with its shlumpy cushions. I had made a design disaster, and we needed a new sofa…badly.


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16 Modern Sofas I’m Drooling Over

After owning a vintage leather sofa for a year and using it as our main chill area in the living room, it’s trashed. Apparently we live like savages because we’ve totally and completely ruined that sucka. There’s now 2 gigantic holes in the center cushion where my daughter likes to dig her Barbie heels.

My son carved words and lines on the backing because it was “fun”, and the cushions are just plain old shlumpy. Mr. Beautiful Vintage Sofa, you were pretty to look at, but I’m over you. A quest for the perfect TV watching sofa, affordable sofa, modern sofa…leaning towards ivory sofa (cuz the kids won’t wreak havoc on that…ha right) has begun. I’ve scoured the ends of the interwebs to bring you 16 modern sofas I’m drooling over.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room


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Pink & Green Modern Living Room

Sometimes I like to play if I had a million dollars, I might makeover my living room. Late at night I start scrolling through Pinterest and get lost for hours. The other day, a funky green tufted sofa caught my eye, and it got me thinking. That beauty would look mighty fine combo’d up with a pretty pink somethin’ somethin’. About 3 hours later, this is what I came up with…because when you’re unemployed, you have time to be creative and play around.

Pink and green living room moodboard with hits of gold

And now that we will all singing Barenaked Ladies for the remainder of the day, let’s gather up all our monopoly money, play pretend, and spend that paper.


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Jojotastic & House Of Hipsters DesignOff with Decorist – Part 2

It’s an exciting day here at House Of Hipsters. Today is the big reveal of the DesignOff sponsored by Decorist mood boards, and I need your help. Hold up, are you asking yourself, “What are these mood boards you speak of?” Well, if you want the full monty, you can catch the instant replay over here on this post, but if not, here’s the quick recap. But real quick, before we get started, Decorist is offering a super generous 20% off your next design project. Just use the promo code DesignOff20 when you check out.

So here’s the dealio, my girl, Jojotastic and I recently purchased new homes, and we were both jonesing for a project…mainly because we are a glutton for punishment because who in there right mind says,  “Hey I moved! Let’s get crazy”. Decorist heard the news and thought wouldn’t it be fun to have a friendly little competition and teamed us up with two of their fabulous interior designers and let you, my sweet kittens, pick which interior design board concept to move forward with…insert Weary Cat Face emoji (and yes, I had to visit the Emojipedia for that definition…and yes, there really is an emoji dictionary URL. Thank you Google.) Holy run on sentence. So I’m putting my fate into you. Well, you and Ashley Redmond my DesignOff interior designer extraordinaire. This chicky is the bomb dot com and has style for miles.

After happily agreeing to these shenanigans, I put all my trust into her with only a tiny bit of Pinspiration. But I already knew what kinda of fun I was getting myself into. Ashley and I teamed up last year and decked out the guest room in the old house; so you can only imagine how thrilled I was to learn we’d be working together again.

Wanna get into it? Let’s roll. Can I have a drum roll please…

Hang onto your hats because HERE THEY ARE…


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