Walmart Home Decor Is Lit

Ya, I said it. Walmart’s new glam retro home decor line is lit AF. The other night I was scrolling through Pinterest and was served an ad in the feed. Wow, that’s a pretty chair! Wait, wut? Walmart, is that you? Talk about a design double take.

Walmart Home Decor line MoDRN is retro glam perfectionMORE AFTER THE JUMP…


It may sound snobbish, but I normally make this face when I think Walmart.


And I know I’m not alone, but it’s time to suck it up buttercup. Walmart’s home decor department is bangin’.

On Feb 8, they launched their retro glam line MoDRN, and it’s set to compete with the likes of West Elm and CB2…only get this…it’s half the price. Can I get a scream emoji? And yes, it really does look lux. Their Milo Baughman style brass chair is a fraction of the real deal.

Walmart Home Decor line MoDRN is retro glam perfection

Brass? Check! Velvet? Check! Pink? Check! Marble? Check! Channel back? Yep, got that too. Take my word for it, you’re basically going to want everything. Let’s take a closer look.

Walmart Home Decor line MoDRN is retro glam perfectionWalmart Home Decor line MoDRN is retro glam perfection

1 — Pink Velvet Barrel Chair

2 — Six Light Chandie

3 — Marble Table Lamp

4 — Ultra Glam Ivory Bench with Brass Legs

5 — Modern Glam Marble Table with Brass Legs

6 — Art Deco Inspired Bed Frame

7 — Modern Glam Dining Chair

8 — Garden Stool

9 — Modern Glam Side Table

10 — Modern Office Chair  (I also love it in the ivory.)

11 — Sofa with Brass Legs

12 — Glam Ottoman

Now, I haven’t seen the new line in person, so I can’t comment on quality, but fingers crossed they didn’t skimp. The new home decor line has been broken down into nine styles: modern, mid-century, traditional, glam, industrial, bohemian, transitional, Scandinavian, and farmhouse.

Most of you are familiar with People of Walmart, but word on the street is they’ve spent over $18 million dollars to rehab their reputation and threw a couple billion at employee happiness. Looks like Walmart is now committed to changing its customer’s opinion. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this elevated look. Are you convinced?


  1. laura February 23, 2019

    i KNOW RIGHT, They also partnered with BHG and their stuff was surprisingly cute. Shame on me #judgy
    Rebranded, but formerly not a trophy wife, laura

    • kyla February 23, 2019

      Hey girl hey! I totally remember you! Wow, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kristen February 23, 2019

    Heaven help me! I love it all! Was literally JUST looking for brass dining chairs, today! LOVE!

  3. Jeanne Ritt February 28, 2019

    Wow sister, I just am blown away. So blowed away I just shared your blog on my Facebook feed. I will suck it up buttercup.

  4. Jess February 28, 2019

    When I saw their ad you’re the first person I thought of! If you buy any of it please share!

  5. BarkerandStonehouse March 7, 2019

    Walmart has been providing so much more than I ever expected from them! The home decor is no doubt ravishing!

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