Outdoor Entertaining with the Neighbors

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After moving to the new house last summer, The Boy and I learned we lived in a neighborhood very different from the last. The old house was in a subdivision of cookie cutter homes with manicured yards, and no one spoke to each other. I couldn’t tell you what the woman across the street from me looked like, nor did I know her name. (I lived there for 4 years.) Case in point, one evening, pulling out of the driveway, I waved from the car. “I finally know what she looks like,” I said to The Boy.  He laughed and replied, “Oh Momma, you know that’s the nanny, right?” Palm to forehead.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood - Loving the pop of pink and green with the pineapple pillow. #Pier1BlockParty #pier1love

The new neighborhood has the look and feel of a lake house community. Single lane roads filled with small hills and twist and turns. Best thing, everyone waves at each other. On the first real night in the new house, I was getting the kids ready for bed and Thorsten was making his way upstairs to help…the doorbell rang. A sweet couple from down the street was standing on our doorstep, holding a bottle of wine and a card with their number in case we needed any help. Pretty soon another bottle of wine showed up. Neighbors stopped by in their golf carts decked out in bull horns, string lights, and music.


With people popping by to say hi on evenings and weekends, I learned real quick to have the basement fridge well stocked with boozy beverages and always have snacks on hand. We worked a bit on the deck decor last year, but after a broken bowl (and a few glasses), I knew I needed  to improve our outdoor party gear game. Pier 1 Imports reached out to partner up for their #Pier1BlockParty and the timing couldn’t be better to head down the street to pick up some much needed essentials. Especially since I had just received a catalog announcing an outdoor decor sale. Once I walked through the front door, I decided I didn’t want to leave. Quite literally everything I needed for longer days and warm nights was all in one spot.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood - Loving the pop of pink and green #Pier1BlockParty #pier1love

First stop was plates…they would be my foundation. I picked out sand colored melamine dinner plates, and ding, ding, ding, right next to those were flamingo pink salad plates. It’s like they knew I was coming!

I found a little area to start playing with a place setting — for which I highly recommend doing. It’s the best way to see how your tablescape will lay out. As long as you pick up your mess, the employees don’t seem to mind. Although you may get some curious looks.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood - Cute Pineapple ice bucket and lantern #Pier1BlockParty #pier1love

Pictured in the catalog were these large lanterns…which might be my absolute favorite. I snapped up the last two on the store shelfs. One for each side of the picnic table. They’re gorgeous when lit up at night casting a glow of incredible patterns. The pineapple ice bucket also caught my eye as did the matching rose gold chargers. The shiny metallic kept my eye moving. Hummena, hummena, hummena.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood - Flamingo print napkins and Geode napkin rings #Pier1BlockParty #pier1love

Now for that extra pop of color to really make the pink sing. Everyone loves plants on pink and the monstera leaf placements fit the bill. Instead of using them under each place setting, I thought stringing 4 together made for a unique runner. They are a type of plastic which also makes the clean up super easy when you have 4 foot monsters slinging fruit. Just give ’em a wipe down and they’re good to go.

The napkin selection was plentiful which made it difficult to choose just one pattern, but in the end I fell in love with a simple flamingo print. To add a bit of glam to the whimsy, I wrapped them in a stone napkin ring…that cuteness will not blow away on breezy days.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood - #Pier1BlockParty #pier1love

The vases aren’t really vases at all, but rather gypsum stone hurricane candle holders. Personally I liked the added texture over a plain glass vessel, and I’ll bet if I never said a word, you’d be none the wiser.

You might think the marble tray and water and wine glasses are breakables, but they aren’t. I broke the no glass on the patio rule with the vases, but not here. Keeping the kids in mind, this tablescape may look pretty but it’s also tough.  The pink stemless wine glasses can be used for mocktails or cocktails, and the goblets are for rosé all day.

Outdoor Entertaining in the Neighborhood Block Party

If you want to add a dash of color to your space, head on over to your local Pier 1 Imports. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with that pineapple pillow up top and some fresh fruit.

For this post I received product to review from Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are my own and always will be. Thanks for supporting the content that keeps House Of Hipsters going and supporting our sponsors.




  1. Great pictures! What camera do you use ?

    • kyla May 16, 2017

      Thanks so much! I use a Canon Mark II.

  2. lauren dahl May 16, 2017

    Love the pink! I cannot wait until my deck is DONE! I want to cheers my kiddos with cute cups, too haha

    • kyla May 16, 2017

      Thanks Lauren! You know me, #ihavethisthingwithpink =) Get that deck finished up!

  3. this is so cute!

  4. Kathie Perkins May 18, 2017

    I’ll be over soon!! 😉

  5. CGinAZ May 18, 2017

    We’ll be right over. Sorry, I didn’t catch your address. ( I know you didn’t throw it ). I wll be checking out Pier 1 very soon though.

  6. Katharine Lopez May 27, 2017

    It would be more beautiful when the entertaining near a lake or channel with green grass

    • kyla May 27, 2017

      We have that 😉

  7. Awesome space! I love your pops of pink. It’s funny — our last neighborhood was also totally different than our new one. Sounds a lot like your experience, actually. Before we didn’t know a soul, and now we literally know and hang out with everyone. A nice change, for the most part (except when I am outside on Saturday mornings with the kids in my pajamas and no makeup on)!

  8. Shauna June 16, 2017

    Beautiful space. Love the mix of pink with those fabulous chairs!

  9. FortunerHome June 18, 2017

    It seems more beautiful with violet in outdoor entertaining beighbors


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