New Year’s Eve Etiquette Guide to Hostess Gifts

When I hosted my very first New Year’s Eve party, I was just past the age of keg stands in a basement. At the time, I was dating a guy who was a bit older than me, and his friends were invited. Friends who had apparently read the etiquette guide to hostess gifts. One by one they walked through the door handing me pretty packages pretty packages containing cheese boards, wine, scented candles, fancy soaps, and champagne! I’m sorry what!?!?! No one had told me about hostess gifts. The only gift I had been bringing to parties was a beer bong. This gift-giving thing had made all the cooking and cleaning and running around nonsense a whole lot more tolerable. Bring. It. On.

The New Year's Eve etiquette guide to hostess gifts. Want a unique gift to bring to your next New Year's Eve party! I have great gift ideas that your host will love!


Not all hostess gifts come equal. Yes, you can hop on over to World Market and pick up a pretty serving platter, but what if you want to splurge a bit? Well, that’s where I come in! I’m your New Year’s Eve etiquette guide to hostess gifts! Step to the left and be sure every one can see. Those who are the tallest, please step to the back.

First question to ask yourself. How much will your hostess be spending on you? Will there be a kegger in the tub and a veggie tray or will you be noshing on beef wellington, gluten free flourless cake and sipping Dom? If it’s the latter, there is no need to open a line of credit, but opt for something a bit more personal then a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine…unless your hostess partakes, then by all means, Boone’s Farm that place up! Personalization and thoughtfulness is going to trump any sort of price tag.

Does your host love music? Try a portable speaker for his MP3 player. Does she always smell good? Cowshed makes some fantastic smelling soaps and lotions. Want a fancier hand cream? Rodin will make you a guest to be remembered. Making an effort goes a long way. Skip the gift card and purchase something significant, even if it’s something small.

Be sure to keep your budget in line. If you spend way to much money, not only will you wallet be hurting, but your hostess may feel a bit awkward accepting your gift. Find any of the gifts above interesting? Here’s the sources.

Framed Photograph   ///   White Vase   ///   Cards Against Humanity

Portable Speaker   ///   Cowshed Soap   ///   Atelier Stella Vase

The Kinfolk Home   ///   Candle   ///    Mug   ///   Hand Cream




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