The Real Guide To The Best Faux Plants

Plants silently scream when I near them. In fact, the other weekend I was at a baby shower and the mother of the dad to be really wanted me to take home a begonia centerpiece…I think I saw it shutter. I politely declined, explaining that plants and I…especially plants that needed to be replanted and cared for just weren’t my jam. With good intentions, I adopt them, place them outside and proceed to slowly kill them. So now, I decorate with faux plants. The only maintenance that needs to be done is a little dust off here and there. Time and time again I’m asked where I find my little greenies, so today I decided to create an epic roundup of the best faux plants for home decor.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux PlantsImage Via Urban Outfitters


A few years back, I dipped my toes in the live plant waters and bought a snake plant…basically the easiest plant to keep alive…and that I can attest to. It was srsly low maintenance. All that needed to be done was give it some water, set it in a corner and forget it. When we moved, I plopped it on the hardwood floor near a window and the condensation from the ceramic pot ruined my floors…and that my friend is how that snake plant met death by curbside.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux Plants

This being said, greenery really adds life to a room, so I shop faux plants with eagle eyes…BTDubs Hayneedle is by far my favorite source. If I see a good one, I usually snap it up or pin it so I don’t forget about it. My first purchase was the ever popular faux fiddle fig tree that lives in the dining room. Four years ago, it was hard to find a good one that didn’t look plastic or cost a million dollars. Nowadays they are pretty abundant. Hands down, my favorite is this one, but second and third runner-up are this one and this one.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux Plants

When I first declared my love on Instagram for faux plants, I was shunned. Fake plants were a complete fashion faux pas in the home decor world, but designers seem to be suddenly singing a different tune. Have you noticed? When fellow bloggery friends were lugging plants to the bathroom to water them in their showers, I was Swiffering mine every other week in 10 seconds flat.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux Plants

Things I tend to steer clear of when shopping for faux plants is anything too overly decorative. No one can deny that faux raindrops really don’t look like drops of glue. And yes, the faux berries with the plastic seams look, well, plastic-y. And that fake grassy hay in the pot? Tread lightly.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux Plants

As you can see from this roundup, I tend to gravitate towards faux palms, rubber plants, and paradise bird plants. This faux fern will literally knock your socks off, and it’s tough to argue with $39.

1 — Faux Monstera Plant

2 — Faux Olive Tree

3 — Faux Grass

4 — Faux Snake Plant

5 — Faux Palm Tree

6 — Faux Fan Palm Tree

7 — Faux Bamboo Tree

8 — Faux Boxwood Plants

9 — Faux Olive Plant

10 — Faux Lemon Tree

11 — Faux Succulent Plant

12 — Faux Eva Curcuma Plant

13 — The Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

14 — Faux Nandina Tree

15 — Faux Maiden Hair Plant

16 — Faux Agave Plant

17 — Faux Potted Snake Plant

18 — Faux Dracena Tree

19 — Faux French Lavender

20 — Faux Boston Fern

21 — Faux Olive Tree

22 — Faux Zamifolia Plant

Phew! I told you that was one epic list. It’s now the moment of truth…have I swayed you to join me on the faux plant bandwagon? Join me!


  1. Carolyn March 6, 2019

    Love this post. I use faux plants indoors and outside for landscaping touches in both Wisconsin and Florida. I like your shopping suggestions! Several of my plants are ages old, like several years. Spray cleaners work like magic for thick dust (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) and outside environmental buildup. Hobby Lobby’s Design It: Silk Plant Cleaner is my latest find. I undecorated the Christmas tree I leave up year around last summer. Three years of dust dripped off after spraying. (I took it outside)

  2. Sarah Alexandra March 7, 2019

    wow. Faux plant is really great for any home decoration and it is also helpful to make home more freshness. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

  3. Pam Tanner March 7, 2019

    thank you for this post! SO helpful!!


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