Beautiful Distractions No. 2

Nothing like some mid-week distractions to really pass the day away. Am I right? Every morning and evening I’m perusing Pinterest, reading blog posts, scanning new catalog and magazine arrivals and oooohing and aaaahing over pretty things. Sometimes I share them on Snapchat (like my spa night last Saturday or my blunders in self tanning), but most of the time, you never get to hear what I’m really loving right now…this very instant. That’s what Beautiful Distractions is all about.

Beautiful Distractions by House Of Hipsters



The movie The Edge of Seventeen might squeak its way into my Top 5 favorites which are: Amelie, Rushmore (really anything Wes Anderson touches except Life Aquatic…I soooooo didn’t understand that one), Election, Cherish, and Empire Records (“Damn the man, save the Empire!”). If you haven’t seen these, I highly suggest you start streaming your Netflix and settle in for a sesh on your favorite sofa. These classics for me were LIFE CHANGING! Oh, and if you actually watch this trailer, earmuff your kids…name that flick.

Time is running out, so be sure to drop a comment over on this post if you haven’t already. I’m making over the living room in the new house and letting YOU choose which design I move forward with. Right now Neutral Glam seems to be in the lead, but you can always change that. Quite honestly, I think I’m nuts for signing up for this and totally losing control.

Who doesn’t want themselves a banana leaf pillow. They are oh so Dorothy Draper, but most of the time they can cost $100 or more. Eh-hem, I found em for $29 right here y’all! Don’t ever say I don’t share my secrets with you. I’m also digging this little white and navy number with hot pink piping on the edge.

Dorothy Draper Banana Leaf Pillow

As long as we are talking about shrubbery, how about this little leafy pot. High on my wish list? Not even a question.

I bought a new candle that I’m burning practically 24/7. I went to South Loop Loft the other weekend and that space was smelling spectacular. I made the owner Beth text me a picture of the label and ordered that sucka A-Sap. Scratch and sniff tablets would be beneficial right now, but trust me, if you love perfume-y Anthro type candles, you’ll love the scent.

Recent discovery — The Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast. A place where you arrive as strangers and leave as friends. John Travolta bonding is not included, but they’ve got vintage on lock. This might replace actually Camp Wandawega

Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast Nashville and Brooklyn

Obsessed with this basket! It would be a lie if I told you I didn’t just see the UPS man, and I’m dying to open the box and it’s quite possible I’m presently jumping up and down, clapping like a kid…now THAT was a run on sentence.

boho basket home decor

And I’ll leave you with a little SHARK-ira as long as you promise before you leave to tell me your Top 5 favorite movies…and go!





  1. Sara July 28, 2016

    Hi friend! I just checked out Camp Wandawega and Urban Cowboy, so great! I could totally use an escape right now! We’re planning a trip this fall to Foxfire Mountain House, check them out if you get a chance. Everything they do – amazing!

    • kyla August 5, 2016

      House of Brinson just visited Foxfire Mountain House and Snapchatted it. It’s amazing!

  2. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living July 29, 2016

    Loving that basket!!! I haven’t seen all of the movies you mentioned but it looks like I’ll be adding more to my must see list. Love election though. Lol

    • kyla August 5, 2016

      Election is hilarious and really should have been a bigger hit. It’s kind of obscure.


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