Little Boy Bedroom – Dueling Kids’ Rooms

Last week I chatted with you about finally decorating the kids’ bedrooms. Since we always treat them fair, I’ve decided to get a bit nutty and tackle both room makeovers at the same time — which are presently a random mish-mosh of chaos. Pretty much bare bones and literally zero personality. Shame on your momma. The storage doesn’t work for them, metal bed frames, and they have nothing hanging on the walls — although they do have a few pieces I’ll be working with.

This boy's bedroom makeover is perfect for the tween and teen. Black and white keeps the space clean, while pops of orange add playfulness. Mid-Century Modern



Last week I shared Zoe’s bedroom makeover mood board. It’s fit for a princess without being overly frou-frou. For Cooper’s makeover, I’m sharing that same train of thought. A boy bedroom without being overly boy – meaning no balls, no fire engines, no Pokemon. Something he can grow into and not say, “ERMERGERD MOM! Batman is for babies! I can’t be seen in public with this! You’re so embarrassing!” And yes, that was an actual quote.

Like his sister, Cooper has a few existing pieces that I’ll be keeping for the new space. About 5 years ago or so, I purchased a Mid-Century Modern dresser, highboy, and matching nightstand. It was back when I was just starting dip my toes in the home decor waters. I remember seeing the full set on Instagram (at a local vintage shop since closed) and calling immediately. I should have realized my mistake immediately when the owner said, “Wait, you want all 3 pieces? Really?”

Yep, I bought an entire set of bright orange furniture. Ooooph! I look at it now and just shake my head. What was I thinking? It was definitely an I Make Emily Henderson Cry moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love the orange, but presently it’s a bit overwhelming. THREE PIECES!  The space needs to be toned down a bit…yet I still want to keep that thrifty vibe. It just needs a bit more cohesion.

So, how does one integrate an overload of bright orange furniture into a boy’s bedroom? Well, let’s start by adding some black and white elements to tone it down. I carved out a few hours to peruse Pinterest and shop. I’ve always loved the classic look of this black bed frame. It’s a simple, iconic piece.

My go-to curtains are these plain jane ivory tab beauties from IKEA — they’re in pretty much every room in the house. But for Cooper’s bedroom, I’m bucking the norm and adding in these playful black and white buffalo checks. A bold statement which should start to compete (in a good way) with the furniture.

That large canvas rhino print was purchased at the same time as all that orange furniture. I dug it then, and I’m still digging it now. Cooper has always been a fan of Star Wars. I found this poster of Han Solo print that’s not overly cartoony. Momma’s happy as is the little monster man. Now we’re cookin’.

Cooper LOVES books and likes to stay up reading after we put him to bed. Pretty much every other week he will mosey downstairs for another set of batteries for his flashlight. To combat single-handedly causing Duracell’s stock rise, I’m investing in a sconce or two and will mount them on either side of the bed. One might be enough, but I’ll order 2 just to be on the safe side.

This child sleeps like he’s wrestling bears and is constantly cold because his covers are a twisted mess. I’m hoping this plaid blanket will be the extra source of warmth he needs in the middle of the night. The colors and plaid pattern combo well with the buffalo check curtains.

To add in a bit of that childhood whimsy, I’m keeping the white gnome lamp and picking up some fun vintage style flags and pennants and this pillow. Phew! That’s it! What do you think of the two spaces?

Rhino Canvas Print
Buffalo Check Curtains
Black Bed Frame
Black Sconce
Orange Nightstand – similar
Orange Dresser – similar
Vintage Flag
White Gnome Lamp – sold out
Wanderer Pillow
Plaid Throw Blanket
Han Solo Space Cowboy Print


  1. cassie bustamante September 19, 2018

    i love both of your plans but this one even more than the other! i love the mix here and love the color punch!

    • kyla September 24, 2018

      Thanks Cassie! I was a bit nervous with all that orange furniture, but I love how it turned out. Now to start ordering!

  2. saveplus September 24, 2018

    This is a great stuff for kid’s room except the hippo.

  3. Katarina - October 4, 2018

    Sounds interesting! Orange can spice up things a bit. After all, everyone is doing boy bedrooms in blue or white and orange furniture takes things to the next level. I love that innovative approach and that you found a way to tone everything up in the end. Great choice of furniture!

  4. Jen October 26, 2018

    I’m curious what the floor looks like. Wood, carpet, rug?

    • kyla October 30, 2018

      Presently there is carpet in this space. Eventually I’d like to rip it out because it is quite old, but for now, it stays.

  5. Haley November 15, 2018

    I love those orange drawers.

  6. james anderson November 20, 2018

    These bedrooms for the little boys are so stylish, they may just inspire your own decor.

  7. Samantha Green December 2, 2018

    Plaids and Rhinos. Love it! Thanks for Sharing

  8. Cody January 2, 2019

    I love the orange and black, but I can’t help but worry it’ll end up feeling too Halloween-ish?


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