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“Neon-flavored icing on the vanilla cake of life” — that’s the tagline for Centinelle scarves. Let me explain. Y’all know @ihavethisthingwithpink, but I apparently also have this thing with scarves. I’m presently having a love affair and wearing them around my neck, wrist, head, purse strap…basically anywhere, for any occasion.

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Not too long ago, I stumbled upon @afashionnerd’s Instagram account (Amy Roiland), and she was wearing this killer cool scarf around her head. The perfect shade of rusty orange with leopards wearing swim floaties. Wait, what??? I must investigate further.


Amy (who is also the face of the newest collection) thankfully tagged Centinelle scarf’s Instagram, and I proceeded to heart every single photo…BTDubs, if I could have hearted each of them 27 times, I would have. Each design topped the next one and the color palette knocked my socks off. Of course I popped over to the website and drooled. I hit the about page and was introduced to Cristina Rose-Guizar the illustrator, designer, and founder of Centinelle which is based out of San Fran.

The three words she uses to describe her luxury scarf company is, “fantasy, memory, and myth”. I’m gonna have to agree. She’s thrown those ingredients into a magical mixing bowl and shazam, has created a brand that just makes you grin from ear to ear. To sweeten the pot, with every collection launched, Cristina donates a percentage of the sales to different animal organizations.

Let’s get down to favorites, shall we? I legit just ordered up the Kamakura Tea House. I thought I could live without it, but it turns out I’m wrong. It’s design features bunny-shaped cookies, fish cakes, and green tea mochi. Can you say cute AF? The larger square scarf can be found here.

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The Mexican Pin Ups scarf was inspired by Cristina’s grandad who was a champion wrestler turned actor…I’m sorry, I’m not worthy of this coolness…he had small parts in big films with actresses like Dolores del Rio. Growing up, watching those films, Cristina was fascinated by the roles of the strong women. Into the cart you go…this scarf was mine.

Leopard Tropical Holiday was a shoo in, but I had a difficult time choosing between the orange and the green. If you watched my Instagram Stories during my trip to High Point Market, you’ll know that I picked orange and wore it on my purse strap. People stopped me every 20 feet asking where I purchased it…which is how I knew I needed to share Centinelle with you.

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Acapulco On The Roof has the sweetest inspo story. When Cristina was in art school, she and her friend would hang out on the rooftop of her building in swimsuits and pretend they were at a destination beach resort. Bring on the flamingo pool floaties!

Then there’s the scarf that made me laugh out loud — Glutton Seagull. See, I fear these birds. A few years back, while commuting home from the city, I was walking across the Madison Street bridge to Union Station. Someone had scattered food and the seagulls were feasting. Of course when a crowd of commuters charges towards birds, they fly away…one flew right over my head and in slow motion, I watched it poop right smack in the middle of my forehead…I just made you gag a lil’ bit didn’t I. Yes, it was totally gross, and that’s why I hate seagulls…but…this scarf took me back to that moment, and I couldn’t help but giggle.

Before this post becomes a novel, I’ll share one last design with you — Veggies Are Friends. The color palette is divine, plus it’s pink…and yes, I’m fighting the urge to drop that one in my cart with the fish.

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Sometimes people do really cool things on the internet, and I’m lucky enough to be one of the first to be in the know. Although, I’m totes not the first to hear about Centinelle. These purdy scaves have been featured be Forbes, Vogue Taiwan and are sold at SF MOMA…but let’s just let me have me think I’m having a moment. I’m thankful to @afashionnerd for sharing and tagging Centinelle’s scarves, and I’m so excited to be sharing this incredibly creative company with you. I hope you enjoy the designs as much as I do!



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  1. I love this unique, original and extremely bright look! Thanks for sharing your photo with us! That pink background is just amazing!


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