16 Modern Sofas I’m Drooling Over

After owning a vintage leather sofa for a year and using it as our main chill area in the living room, it’s trashed. Apparently we live like savages because we’ve totally and completely ruined that sucka. There’s now 2 gigantic holes in the center cushion where my daughter likes to dig her Barbie heels.

My son carved words and lines on the backing because it was “fun”, and the cushions are just plain old shlumpy. Mr. Beautiful Vintage Sofa, you were pretty to look at, but I’m over you. A quest for the perfect TV watching sofa, affordable sofa, modern sofa…leaning towards ivory sofa (cuz the kids won’t wreak havoc on that…ha right) has begun. I’ve scoured the ends of the interwebs to bring you 16 modern sofas I’m drooling over.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room



Buying a couch is so not my favorite thing to do. To be honest, I’d much rather decorate around it or buy a pretty chair. And if I had it my way, I’d just buy another Caitlyn sofa and be done with it.

Truth of the matter is, a sofa is a hard working cornerstone. Besides a rug, it will be one of the largest pieces in your space. Because I love you, I’ve rounded up 16 modern sofas…most are affordable, but yes a few others…well, I’ll have to save my pennies. But nothing is completely out of reach.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room

Lately, I’m digging the more boxier, comfy looking sofas over mid-century modern, but I’m still riding that clean lines path. For the most part, they all have a classic look. (I mean, come on, how timeless is a Chesterfield?)

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room

Most everything I was drawn to was ivory or cream. The green velvet Chesterfield below comes in ivory as well, although, I’m oddly drawn to that emerald green.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room

Have you found any affordable sofas? Have any I’ve overlooked. Bring ’em on in the comment section below. I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered.

1 – Interior Define – Maxwell Sofa

2- Roger + Chris – Johnny Sofa

3 – Arhaus – Remmington Sofa

4 – Jayson Home and Garden – Springfield Sofa

5 – Restoration Hardware – Maxwell Sofa

6 – Sixpenny – Aberdeen Sofa

7 – Serena & Lily – Amagansett Sofa

8 – Howchow – Keystone Sofa

9 – West Elm – Monroe Mid Century Sofa

10 – Article – Alcott Sofa

11 – Pottery Barn – Chesterfield Sofa

12 – Sixpenny – Neva Sofa

13 – Roger + Chris – Higgins Chesterfield Sofa

14 – West Elm – Harmony Sofa

15 – Pottery Barn – Tuxedo Sofa

16 – HD Buttercup – Marin Sofa


  1. Debra March 15, 2018

    Go with the green! We have a green sofa that shows no wear and tear after 3 dogs and 3 kids. I get compliments all the time about that sofa and it resembles the Roger & Chris sofa. Oh, and its 20 years old. Miracle sofa!

    • kyla March 15, 2018

      The green is soooooooo pretty! And I’m jealous of yours 🙂

  2. Cher March 15, 2018

    Also try Anthropology! The Cotswold is gorgeous

  3. Lori January 28, 2019

    I have pottery barn chesterfield, I have 2 and it’s an awful sofa cushions went flat within 6 months and it’s very uncomfortable. I regret the purchase not with the money can’t wait to get a much nicer and more comfortable sofa.


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