Playing Favorites — 14 Etsy Pillows I’m Eyeballin’

I got 99 problems but a pillow ain’t one…well, that is until I try mixing patterns. Then I have all sorts of issues, but that’s a totally different blog post. My work around is if you buy enough pillows eventually you find the perfect mix. Solves all problems, am I right?

14 Etsy pillows I want right now

Most rooms in the new house are really starting to come together, and that means adding pops if color here and there. An easy way to do that is by adding pillows, but I don’t like spending a ton of money…and believe you me, when you start looking at Pierre Frey, Schumacher, and Kelly Wearstler prints, those suckas can cost a pretty penny. Lucky for you, I wrangled together 14 Etsy pillows I’m loving right now. 


14 Etsy pillows I want right now

Ever since I posted the video of my office on Instagram a couple days ago, I received quite a few questions about where I purchased the banana leave pillows. So I made it my mission to find you a few options.

Right now I’m looking at pillow combo 1-2 for the guest bedroom…which actually happens to be a complete and utter happy accident. I don’t think I would have ever paired these two combos together…but, when I put the graphic together for this post, my head cocked to the side and I was like dang, this pillow combo kinda sings.

Vintage Brown Leather Gym Mat Headboard

What do you think? Will the black and white florals go with the antelope print on in this space? Oh, and in case you missed it on Instagram, up above is the vintage brown leather gym mat headboard. So far it’s been hanging tight on the wall for almost 4 days and hasn’t ripped out of the drywall. The Boy and I peek in there on the daily to check on it. Just in case. Since it weights like 150 lbs, we’re just waiting for it to come crashing down…hopefully that doesn’t happen while my mother and father-in-law sleep here. Try explaining that to the paramedics. BTDubs, if it successfully holds, there will be a DIY coming to the blog.

Ok, enough dilly dallying about Kyla. Let’s get to the good stuff. Where can I find these 14 Etsy pillows? Ask and you shall receive!

1   ///   2   ///   3   ///   4   ///   5   ///   6   ///   7   ///   8   ///   9   ///   10   ///   11   ///   12   ///   13   ///   14

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  1. Hollie @ Stuck on Hue March 1, 2017

    Thanks for including several of my pillows in your roundup, Kyla! As soon as I saw your Insta story about pillows, I had to check out your post … ’cause I’m a bit pillow obsessed, of course! They are perfect for adding color, pattern and/or texture to a space.

    • kyla March 1, 2017

      Hollie you have such a great selection! I love them all!

  2. Mary March 1, 2017

    You’re lucky you know how to do the graphics of putting pillows together. Since I don’t, I’m left with putting small fabric swatches together on my bed. Squinting at them trying to imagine what the pillows will look like together. And I love the choices you made for your guest room. I see them as a masculine-feminine combo. It works!!

  3. Charlotte Lindsay March 3, 2017

    I love decorating with pillows. They are such a great way to mix up your home’s decor and if you find the right ones it isn’t too expensive. I also love the fact that you can purchase pillow covers for when you get tired of the original pillow. When decorating with pillows I tend to pick one patterned pillow and then a few pillows of the same color but different patterns. This creates depth, draws the eye, and you don’t have to worry about if the patterns look good together.

  4. CFS March 20, 2017

    I love to decorate my home. I like new ideas and the one new I got from you of mixing patterns. I really liked the different pillow patterns. Nice choice, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Color N Interior March 20, 2017

    Really the banana leaves pillow is eye catching, the pillows color and pattern should also match the interiors. Thanks for the pillow ideas.

  6. Reena March 24, 2017

    This is Really Nice, It’s Always Pleasure to Design your home like you want.

  7. Tem nhãn April 27, 2017

    With pillow, you made it to become the art. Delicate, elegant. Very nice.
    I hope you will share more and more the nice decor.

  8. Hannah April 11, 2018

    how did you get your hands on that old vintage gym mat?? AMAZING!


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