Beautiful Distractions No. 6

The Boy has been traveling his toosh off, and I’m so behind. However I did manage to pull some distractions together for you. Just a few things I’ve been eyeing or reading while he’s been gone. To all you single parents out there, I bow to you. Not sure how you do this day in and day out and stay sane.

Beautiful Distractions No. 6 - Watercolor floral pillow in grays, pink and purple.



Someone asked me the other day what my favorite childhood movie was. Wow, what a fun questions, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I had a Top 7 plus in no particular order: anything John Hughes touched (cuz you can’t just pick Pretty In Pink ya know?), 4 Rooms, Goonies, Bring It On, Amelie, Cherish, and The Sweetest ThingWhat are you favorites?

Want a raunchy, make you giggle advertisement for a new line of ratty disgusting porch sofas? Search no further, I’ve got you covered.

This house kinda makes me what to pick up and move to Baltimore.

If you do not know how to pronounce Chinoiserie, then you should read this interior design glossary complete with pronunciation guide.

I read Emily Henderson’s Not Having a Plan post the other day and am really taking a look at what is happening in the house. Might be rethinking a few spaces.

I’ve been sitting out on the deck wrapped in this beauty on a nightly basis with a glass of wine. It’s been heavenly.

The colors in my office has transitioned from black, ivory, and green to ivory, grey, yellow and blush. I’m digging this new color palette and think this floral watercolor pillow would look amazing in the space. So far, my office has only been seen on Instagram…haven’t seen it? Take a looksy.

Now that the house has been repainted, we are looking for a new mailbox. Ours is ready to keel over. I’ve been eyeing this one.

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and cosmetics, and one of my favorite brands is Glossier. I want to try this blush and never walk out of the house without Boy Brow.

Art obsessed one might call me. Old, new, abstract, portraits, landscapes, you name it. If it’s beautiful, I’m like a moth to the flame. Right now I’m obsessed with Frances Berry, and her Instagram skate sessions make her that much cooler. When I grow up, I want to be Frances.

The Boy is slightly color blind, and I’ve always wondered how the world looks if I couldn’t see color properly. Bored Panda tested different images to see how different colors look through different Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) lenses. Click here to check it out for yourself.


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    i like thisss

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    Love the blog!


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