Beautiful Distractions No. 7

It’s Friday, plus a long weekend!!! Wahoo! Time for a few Beautiful Distractions. We’re talking about books to read, a sofa sale, how to style an Insta-home, pranks, Chicks With Plants, and more. I need a 15 minute break. How about you? Let’s dig in.

Beautiful Distractions No. 7 — Interior Define Caitlin sofa plus storewide sale. Photo by Emilia Schobiri


One of my favorite Instagrammers, Susana Ordovas, had her home featured on Design Sponge. Lately it’s been popping up in my Pinterest feed. All the greens and incredible wallpaper in her space makes me smile. If you don’t already, be sure to follow her on Instagram for shares of her beautiful homes in Madrid and Mexico City.

Presently I’m reading The Woman In Cabin 10, and I think next up is The Couple Next Door. Both have twists and turns that keep you in suspense, but I think after that I want a rom com…got any suggestions? What are you reading right now? Got any good suggestions?

I stumbled upon this wild article showcasing the obscure and candid captures by Weegee…a photographer from the 1940s. He photographed his subjects in the movie theater using infrared. True voyeurism at its best.

I’ve you’ve been eyeing my sofa from the Decorist room, now is the time to buy. Interior Define is holding a storewide Labor Day Sale. You can find my Caitlin sofa with chaise here.

The new Instagram account @chickswithplants might be the most brilliant account I’ve seen to date. It’s a bunch of chicks…and Steve (lucky guy)…who pose (sometimes in the buff) with with you guessed it, PLANTS! I swear, I’ve seen it all now. Want your peaches featured with your monstera? Just tag #chickswithplants 

I loved reading these posts looking back on the blossoming friendship of two bloggers I admire so much…Jojotastic and Anne Sage.

Believe it or not, I too am a person who wishes their home was always Insta-Styled. If you were to pan a photo left of right, you’d see a shit storm of a room, and if you watch my Instagram Stories, you already know this. I like to show my mess for some reason. My friends Susan and William — the masterminds behind House of Brinson just posted an awesome post, Styling the Photo Perfect Home. Use the slider to see Susan’s notes about what she would change and how she analyzes her captures.

The Boy just pulled another prank on me. I opened the fridge and almost everything had googly eyes. The ketchup, mayo, LaCroix cans, jam…my wine…everything. No, it didn’t top Nicholas Cage greeting me in my car’s backup camera, but I got a good laugh out of it. I need to prank this prankster back. Got any ideas?



  1. Mary September 1, 2017

    I think it’s sweet that The Boy likes to have fun with you.

    • kyla September 14, 2017

      He’s a real hoot!

  2. Cassie Bustamante September 1, 2017

    i have been on a murder/mystery/creepy book kick! i loved “today will be different” which i found funny and lighter and relatable about a 50 yr old mom who decides she is going to get out of her rut. i also really loved the rosie project- it’s sort of a rom com i guess…. different and really good!

    • kyla September 14, 2017

      These sound good! I’m going to check them both out! Thanks Cassie!!!

  3. Jack Mathews September 4, 2017

    I Liked the title “Beautiful distractions” very much.

  4. Miranda September 20, 2017

    Omg thanks for the S/O to @chickswithplants ❤️ we hope you stay entertained

    • kyla September 21, 2017

      You guys are gonna slay!!!!


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