Beautiful Distractions No. 5

Mercury Retrograde has made me want to Amazon Prime a helmet to my front door, sage my home and hang heeling crystals all around my body. As soon as my accountant started yelling at me about my taxes last Tuesday and The Boy’s travel plans got majorly snafooed, I knew something had to be afoot. Do you believe in Mercury Retrograde? Do you do anything to twart the confusion? I think I’ll just stay in bed, shop online, and watching the remaining DVR episodes of Little Big Lies.  I wanted to finish reading the book first, but didn’t have the patience. Confession…I’m a slow reader….I don’t know why, but it puts me to sleep. I also heard I need to This Is Us. Here’s what else I’m loving lately.


The One Room Challenge started up this week and there are a few bloggers’ rooms I’m watching intently because I know they’s be crazy good: Erica Reitman, House Of Brinson, and Sketch 42.

The pendant lighting shown above is killer. Small LED bulbs are in the fixture, causing the lucite to glow. Holy heart eys for days! I’m thinking it would look fabulous over my white tulip table in the kitchen. I was crushing on this one though too. Decisions. Decisions.

This fringy rope blanket has me thinking it would look really nice on my sofa. Hmmm.

I took this BuzzFeed Picture Test, and it nailed my Type B personality to a T!!!! The Boy is Type A . I guess opposites really do attract. What personality type are you?

Sometimes home hacks are a total eye roll, but I stumbled upon 30 Clever Home Hacks for Decor Lovers, and I’ve actually got a few ideas cooking in my head. Thought you might too!

Now that Spring is here, I can’t wait to sit on the deck and enjoy a cocktail with friends. This Hawaiian-inspired margarita has me saying, “Aloha!”



  1. Susan Brinson April 7, 2017

    Thanks so much Kyla! 🙂

  2. Erin April 7, 2017

    Thank you so much for the link love lady!


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