Bar Cart Styling

The awesomeness of the bar cart was first introduced to me years ago by the always fabulous Mrs. Lilien. Her boozy concoctions always resting on beautiful brass and glass. I longed to sit poolside with her highness, in Palm Springs, dressed in a bright flowy kaftan, sipping libations, garnished with a juicy chunk of pineapple and a pink umbrella. Yes, I know, that was very specific. But then I awake from my fanciness to face the reality of my two young children. Ha! I love them, but that party on wheels is so not happening. Besides, I partake in a drink or two, but not enough to require a full on bar cart. The Boy is primarily a beer drinker…German beer…specifically Kolsch. Bar cart styling was not in my near future. Whomp. Whomp.


Yes, I drool over beautifully styled bar carts and secretly imagine where I might stash one. A luxury I thought I’d never own myself. That was until a couple weeks ago. I received a tweet from Summer Thornton Designs for her 2-Day Flea in the city. Since I’m an avid Lonny Magazine stalker reader, I had just read about one of her featured makeovers in the city. Super stoked, I was totally down for this event, especially since I was attending The Randolph Street Flea the same morning.

The original plan was to hit early buyer at the flea, hop on over to Summer’s followed by a quick pit stop at Humboldt House. The Boy was watching the little monsters for the day and letting this momma have a fun play day…alone. However, the monsters had different morning activities in store. I wound up leaving the house after early buyer started. Whoopsies. Change of plans. I hit Summer’s studio first. A happy accident…it got me my very own Society Social Mrs. Lilien bar cart! A deal I couldn’t say no to. Slap a sold sign on that sucka and give me a virtual high five!

Bar Cart Style flea market find - Mrs Lilien society social gold bart cart

Please disregard the mess that is my garage.

Her studio was smaller then I expected (hence she’s moving to a bigger space, hence the flea), but jam packed with goodies! I scored a brass étagère, gorgeous turquoise painting in a gold frame, blowing horn, and that fancy bar cart. Yahtzee! Thank you for the delay monsters. You earned cake for dinner tonight! The deals were plentiful. This flea only happens once every couple years, so you can bet your bottom vintage dollar I’ll be first in line for the next. Only then I’ll be bringing a larger vehicle. Let’s just there was blood, sweat, tears…and possibly a lot of curse words and a plea call for support to The Boy. It put up a good fight, but after 15 minutes, it finally fit…with only a few minor scratches to the car.

And a quick message to the biker who yelled at me for double parking on Armitage…well, let’s just say I’m still bitter.

So now that I have the bar fully stocked, next up is some serious bar cart styling. Styling that would make Mrs. Lilien proud. I’ve been hitting up Pinterest for some inspiration. I’m thinking a white vase for sure. Florals. And probably these cool vintage glasses that I adore. Can’t wait to show you what I come up with! Cheers!


  1. brendakula July 14, 2015

    Congrats on finding just the thing you wanted most! I’ve never heard of her, but I hopped over there and saw her blog. I recall when I was in my twenties and wanting to look cool. I didn’t really drink anything but the occasional Baileys in some hot chocolate. But I arranged a bar on an old sewing machine table. Happy displaying!

  2. Nicole July 14, 2015

    I love the bar cart and that etagere what a super score. I love them both and virtual high five and a twist.

  3. Meredith Jane July 16, 2015

    Woo hoo !! Congrats on the score! Next time there’s a ‘can’t miss’ flea event mark me down ps I’ll have to show you the giant kilim I found at Kane county. I’m going to use it for upholstering benches

  4. Oh my goodness! You will have some fun styling those pieces! Congrats on your score!!

  5. Alexandria July 28, 2015

    I haven’t been able to convince myself to shell out all the necessary cash for an awesome bar cart. Congrats on finding one for yourself, again love the gold accent! I am going flea market shopping with my mother in law this week, hopefully I can score something good!

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