Lizzo on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert is Lit

Lizzo has been on heavy rotation in my office and car for months. I’d be crankin’ her in the shoppe too but to say her lyrics are slightly explicit is…well an understatement…you’ve been warned.

When I found out she was playing the Aragon, I screamed out loud, but then cried when I went I saw the ticket prices. $300 each…damn Lizzo. That was a no go. However, I just ran across her performance on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert. She tears down the walls! There’s a reason she’s one of the more talked about artists this year. Imma keep this super short and just post this geniusness here. Ge’chore children outta earshot…shampoo press getchu outta my hair…and ya-ya-yee.


House Of Hipsters Shop Playlist Part I

One thing that was a high priority when opening the shop was the playlist. Music completely sets the tone. Not too stuffy. Slightly playful. Vintage yet trending. Basically everything I want the shop to be. Every time music is heard in the background when I share Stories on Instagram, I get soooooo many DMs. What song is that? Well, I gotcha cuz today I made you a mixtape of goodness. This comes in a 4 part series, so check back for more.

House Of Hipsters Shop Playlist
Ready, click, play.

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I Made You A Mixtape #3

The mixtape. What was once a form of high school communication for some has since become a nostalgic novelty item. When was the last time you made a mixtape? I haven’t made one for you in almost a year. I know, I’m sooooo not a good friend. But fret not. I’m back with a nerdy assemble of songs. No, there is no giddy romanticism I’m trying to convey in this playlist. It’s just a compilation of stuff that’s been making me shake it in the car…only at stop lights of course. Click thru to enjoy.

House Of Hipsters Mixtape for summer


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House Of Hipsters Mixtape #2

Apparently my ears get bored very quickly, so I’ve been on the hunt for new music as of late. It also probably doesn’t help my cause when I find a song I like, it goes into heavy rotation for a month or two of commuting…over and over and over again. It’s the one major issue I have with iPod playlists. Convenient yes, but one can only listen to a certain song so many times don’t cha know. So I’ve begun to play a little game in the mornings to keep things interesting. iPod roulette. It’s been fun, weird, nostalgic and a whole lot of, “I have never heard this song before, but apparently I own it”.

House Of Hipsters Mixtape #2



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Mixtape Playlist

In my teen years, if we were friends, you probably received a mixtape from me. I probably spent hours pouring over cassette after cassette trying to find the most perfect song that I thought you might just love. More often then not, it was indie music. Something obscure you’d never heard before, and my hopes were that you’d love a certain band just as much as I did. Growing up in a small rural town in Wisconsin made it difficult to find anything that wasn’t Top 40 or Country. But I lived close enough to Madison, and State Street had great college record stores that fed my need for something different.

H I T   P L A Y   T O   L I S T E N

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