Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop

Today is a special day! Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living asked me and a bunch of amazing home decor bloggers to join in a holiday home tour blog hop. All week long these talented people will be opening their doors to share how they deck the halls for the holidays. So put on some up some holiday music and settle in because we have a real treat for you this week. The full list is linked below, so be sure to stop back and check out each and every home on that particular day.

holiday home decor blogger tour

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Home Tour — Marianne Brown’s Denver Dwelling

When Marianne Brown emailed me out of the blue and said, “Hey, my home is unique, cool and eclectic, would you like to feature it on your blog?” I said, “Heck ya I would! Home tours are hella fun.” 

Why do I like featuring homes that don’t belong to me? If you guessed, “Kyla, you’re that total weirdo that looks into homes on evening walks…not in a creepster way…but in a I want to see your pillows kinda way,” you’re completely right. Gotta home tour you think I should feature? What are you waiting for??? Sharing is caring, so email it over for review, and be sure to visit Ashley Redmond’s Tiny Treehouse home tour.

Marianne Brown Home Tour - Mid-Century Modern Minimal Home Decor

Today we’re touring Marianne Brown’s home in Denver, CO. She’s an incredible photographer and claims thrift stores are her sanctuary…my kinda gal. As most of you know, I’m a chair hoarder. Well, Marianne one upped that sich. She’s a sofa hoarder. Don’t believe me? Check out her Etsy shop chucked full of vintage beauties (and some great photography prints as well, I love the bull print). But mitts of that green 1970’s channel back…because that should be mine, LOL.


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Home Tour – Ashley Redmond’s Tiny Treehouse

A couple years ago, I virtually met Ashley Redmond when we worked with Decorist to redesign my guest bedroom. I must admit, I had a tiny girl crush on her when I checked out her portfolio. She’s this super cool interior design chick, who has killer style and practices yoga…and she was going to help me design a room in my house. Eeeep! Yup, right then and there I pretty much want to be Ashley when I grew up. Just sayin’.

Home Tour - Ashley Redmond - The Tiny Treehouse - Interior Designer — via HouseOfHipsters.comAll photography by Julia Sperling.

We were a great match up too because her design aesthetic is right in line with mine. A little mid-century modern, a touch glam and oh what the heck, let’s mix in a funky touch of boho shall we? SRSLY, mixing rattan with some brass shazam is the bomb dot com.


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BSHT Summer Blogger Home Tour

How crazy am I to sign up for The White Buffalo Styling Co.’s Summer Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour on moving day? Ummmm, very; and I’m really hoping this post doesn’t turn out to be a dud because there is a lot of blank slate below compared to all the other homes on the tour. The only pieces I’ve hauled over in Layla (the lifted vintage monster truck) are my most favorite pieces. The pieces that are most precious to me.

Even though the new house is fairly empty and unfinished, I thought I could take you through what I’ve done and what might be happening soon. Hopefully you’ll also have some ideas, input, inspo, or thoughts on certain rooms that you can share in the comment section, cuz opinions and ideas are always welcome here. Oh, and don’t leave here without jumping over to the killer giveaway happening with Tuft & Needle. It’s your chance to win a queen sized mattress, and it’s gonna end soon. Enter here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.

Blogger Stylin Home Tour - Summer Edition

If you saw yesterday’s Snapchats (HouseOf Hipsters), then you know my photobooth got hauled out of the basement and into the new digs. That booth is a beastly old girl, and she put up a fight…god bless the guys from A&A Studios. There were moments that we thought it was mission impossible, but as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here in my kitchen listening it hum. It’s running. It’s working. It’s in. Phew! One less thing to worry about…trust me, that booth has been a stress factory for the old noggin’. I’m glad that part of the move is done.


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Fall Home Tour

Today I’m participating in the Cozy Little House’s Blogger Fall Home Tour. Brenda asked me to join in a while back, but some how I missed her email. I found it last week while cleaning out my inbox, responded immediately in hopes to be included, and was lucky enough to have her squeeze me in. Thank you Brenda! But after she accepted, I panicked a bit. I seemed to have missed the key word “Fall” in Fall Home Tour. Uh-oh. You see, I think I’m the only blogger on the planet who does not decorate seasonally. In fact, I barely get my Christmas tree up and decorated before December 24…insert monkey covering eyes emoji.

Blogger Home Tour /// House Of Hipsters /// Living Room with a Mid Century Modern and Bohemian style and look. Click thru to read more.

I thought to myself, ok, just stop over to Target and pick up a bunch of pumpkins. Call it a day. You can do this, right? Make it all cha-cha cool. Wrong. I stood there staring wildly at the pumpkins, and then thought to myself, what on earth do I do with these? See, I told you I’m not a seasonal decorator. And then I thought to myself, duh Kyla, at House Of Hipsters we keep it real. We don’t pretend to be someone we aren’t, amirite?


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