Free Renovation Budget Checklist Download

Do you ever have one of those projects where you work sooooooooo hard planning and then nothing seems to go right? I’m smack dab in the middle of planning a renovation, and instead of tackling each issue one by one, I’ve been sticking my head in the sand, hoping it’ll just work itself out. Worst plan ever. After watching me slowly crack, The Boy finally said, “okay let’s fix this together”. We jotted down pretty much everything we could think of, and srsly, I felt much better. If you’re in the middle of a renovation, you know first hand, it can be exciting yet super stressful. I don’t want you to feel crazed like I did, so I turned our notes into a free downloadable renovation budget checklist. 

Free renovation budget checklistMORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Unemployment Update — Plus Free Printable

Ever since I became unemployed, I feel like I’ve never been busier. But busy in a good way. No longer do I feel stressed, worn out, and empty inside. I’m not wearing my shoulders as earrings. My new busy is exhilarating. Exciting. Creative. I finally have time to do the things I enjoy…some of which even make me a little bit of money. From graphic design to photography to styling to interior design to selling vintage, I’m finally doing what makes me happy.

It's You That Makes It Possible — free downloadable printable — inspirational quote


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New Year’s Resolutions — Plus Free Printable

Do you think New Year’s Resolutions are cliché? In the past, I’ve made lists of goals but usually wind up burying them with everyday life within 2 weeks. Eat more vegetables, less screen time, enjoy the moment, put down the phone, quit smoking, exercise, take a trip. I mean well…sometimes I succeed like the whole smoking thing. 8 years and going strong. But most of the time it’s an epic fail. The last couple years I’ve noticed people giving their year a theme. Finding a word that resonates and has been missing from every day life. Mindfulness. Movement. Action.

New Year's Resolutions 2017


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Start Somewhere — Get Organized

I SWEAR IT’S FOR REAL THIS TIME! I super suck right now with dates. BUT, I PINKY SWEAR, it’s working now. I think I need to take another look at this new planner. Is this thing on? Check one, Check two. Ok…working.

I’m so sorry you guys! I just wanted to quickly drop in today to let you know I’m over at Live Laugh Rowe with a super fun FREE Wallpaper Download. Inspiration set in when I kinda felt like I was drowning a few weeks back. AN overload of work, life and dealines.

Instead of facing the music and buckling down the chin strap, I of course took pictures of gold paperclips. I know, I know…so not productive, and not the most practical way to spend my time. But in a way it was. It reminded me to get organized already. “Start Somewhere” I decided to make it a wallpaper to remind me every day…and you can too. Download it for free to your laptop, computer, tablet or phone. Just head on over to Live Laugh Rowe.

Start Somewhere, Get Organized

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Free Printable — Bring On The Weekend

It’s Fri-yay! Wahoo! I have a very special post for you guys. Today I’ve got a free printable. I was listening to my iPod on the way home from the gym, possibly channelling Christina Aguilera, belting it out lyrics like a contestant on The Voice with the windows down…yep, I was that girl. Anyhoo, I was jamming to “Bring On The Weekend” by Class Actress and thought, “Dude, this lyric would make for a perfect free printable!”

Free Printable


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