Finding Your Style Using A Visual Mood Board

People ask time and time again to describe my style. Gaahhhhhhh, really? I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I mean when I see it I know it? Does that count? A little old. A little new. A little quirky. Sometimes pink. All things French. They look at me with a blank stare. Sorry, I got nothin’ else for ya.

Finding Your Style Visual Mood Board Using Pinterest



Fast forward to a few weeks ago while perusing Pinterest, I scrolled over an image and thought, “that…that’s part of my style”. Then I found another and another. Being a visual person, it makes total sense to describe my style with imagery. I started a new board called House Of Hipsters Style. The only steadfast rule was that I must love everything about the photo. As Marie Kondo would say, it must spark joy.

Finding Your Style Visual Mood Board Using Pinterest

Finding Your Style Visual Mood Board Using Pinterest

At the end of my initial pin fest, I decided not to look at the board. I also never set out to pin to that board. It was random and sporadic. Yesterday, I finally couldn’t take it any longer…I opened the board and stood back to take a closer look. This visual mood board of fashion, design, home decor, and color described me to a T. It was everything I loved but could never put into words.  I could see bits and pieces of my blog and style in each photo.

Finding Your Style Visual Mood Board Using Pinterest

If you’re ever wondering what your style is but have trouble putting it into words, I highly recommend doing the same. Not only is it a valuable tool for branding, but it demonstrates what you’re attracted to. I love jeans, white button-down shirts, messy buns, pink…but not all pink…a dusty blush pink. I love creamy marble, typography, vintage, and mid-century modern. Casual yet chic. Feminine but not girlie. What does your style say about you?


  1. Suzanne Riviere March 7, 2019

    loved this post. spot on for me.

  2. Karen Gulliksen April 13, 2019

    Wow, I mean – WOW!!!
    You have simply described my current lives, with little nuances where dusty pink works, but not all pinks, where it’s the messy bun and the comfy jeans and typography and the mid century modern. It’s like you’re channeling me!!!


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