Visiting Unison Home Store in Chicago

Some of you already know, but I have 99 problems and pillows might be #1. Just call me Aunt Fossi with the coordination of a T-Rex, dancing drunk on the table with hot pink lipstick…read the old post, I swear it’ll make sense.

Visiting Unison home store in Chicago, IL looking for pillows for my living room. Photo by Laura Rose Davis from Everyday Charming

Anyhoo, back to pillows…mixing all the patterns, colors, shapes, sizes… Frankly it baffles me. Well the gals over at Unison home store heard my pleas for help after reading one of my latest, “I Make Emily Henderson Cry” posts. They sent me a sweet email saying they’d love to help me out and asked if I could stop over. Are you kidding? I’ll be there in 5! TAXI!!!!! Thank gawd for these people! Virtual hugs all around.


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White and Neutral Spaces

So here’s a dilemma for you. What happens when you’re nearing the finish line of a room makeover and decide hmmm, I think I like something completely and totally opposite? Shhhhh! Don’t tell The Boy! He might have another hernia. But yes, clutch the pearls, this has kinda happened to me. Well, not kinda…it really has happened. I’ve tried to hold it in. Deny it. But it just wants to burst out of me. I like white and neutral spaces! Egats! There, I said it!

While perusing Pinterest I started to notice it…the change. I was pinning spaces with a lot of neutrals…rooms with heavy texture, minimal color. I began to long for pure white walls. Crap, how did this happen?


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I Make Emily Henderson Cry

Oh sweet Emily, you recently wrote about the kind of disaster that is your family room. And I gotta tell ya, I really needed to read this. Yes, you might have been sitting on the most perfect vintage blue Persian rug that you bought for $12 that alludes me and wearing the most perfect plaid shirt with the most perfect brown boots not tucked into straight leg jeans that I can never seem to pull off without feeling like I’m stomping around like a tyrannosaurus rex cowgirl…sorry, rambling, I digress, focus…but you taught me that it’s ok to have a room that’s not completely perfect and still showcase it on House Of Hipsters…even if it makes you cry a tiny bit.

Many of you have asked for a house tour. A wider look at the nook of disaster in the living room. I’ve had some emails asking which coffee table I wound up purchasing. Did I add curtains to the living room? Well, this living room makeover even if not quite perfected will answer a few of those unanswered questions.

I Make Emily Henderson Cry Living Room Makeover West Elm



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domino is back baby


domino fans rejoice! the ultimate guide to living with style has returned, just in time for the holidays. conde nast has finally brought back my dream magazine, and i couldn’t be happier. i was completely crushed in 2009 when i learned i would no longer receive my beloved home interior guide to goodness every month. last year my hopes were raised when there was rumor for a possible comeback, only to learn that the hyped issue was a repackaging of old content.


but i’m a domino pack rat and saved every single issue. so needless to say, i was completely bummed when i bought the new issue after hunting it for weeks only to find it was old news. but not this time…domino is back and the new issue for the 2013 holidays is on stands now.

one of the coolest things about this comeback is not only will it be a quarterly publication, but it will also host an e-shop. now you can source and buy everything you see on every spread all in one shop…a-mazing! since the dismantling of the original domino, i’ve enjoyed reading and perusing lonny, rue and anthology magazines. not only are they the ultimate source of trending and obtainable interior design, but these publications provide URLs for featured decor. it beats googling weird descriptions of pillows or lamps in hopes of getting lucky with the link of your lighting desire.

after quickly snapping up my copy online, i had to check out the e-shop. here are a few things that might just have to make it into my home in the near future.