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I’m starting to shop for the master bedroom makeover, and I have sooooo many home decor wants it’s ridiculous. I’m also learning (not really, this has been clear for quite some time) that I have shopping ADD. I tell myself to only search bedroom decor and suddenly I’m shopping for shoes. What is wrong with me? So today I decided to share my Wants + Wishes.

Wants + Wishes — Home Decor Wants



These cashmere throws from Parachute Home have me all up in a tizzy. At least I am in the bedroom, right? They look so soft and cozy, I just want to curl up in one in front of the fireplace. Although I’m trying to convince myself that it’s home will be on the bed. The “Dipped Girl” painting is a reproduction of 50 from My Deer Art Shop. My home decor wants run deep here. I seriously need this in my life! It could totally live in the bedroom. And this is where my attention span leaves me. Oooh, look! Shiny! And how fun for making cocktails! Seriously though, you have to admit, this cocktail shaker from Madewell is pretty sweet.

Wants + Wishes — Home Decor Wants

In my defense, some of these plates my Suite One Studio could make for a nice tray or jewelry holder (in the bedroom)…that is, if I could ever get my hands one. Sign up for the restocking emails and add it to your calendar and create a ton of notifications. These bad boys sell out in a matter of 15 mins. I’m infatuated with the navy splatter. They restock on March 3rd at 7PM EST. Be there or be square. I know where I’ll be tomorrow night. This girl is on a mission.

So how about these towels from Dara Artisans? Made in Ethiopia, they have great detailing. I adore the texture and dark gray striping. Mark my words, these will be in my kitchen soon.

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a great hand cream, especially in these cold winter Chicago months. This Aesop lotion will keep your hands from cracking and smells good to boot.

Wants + Wishes — Home Decor Wants

This is where I try to get back to the master bedroom. Yes, home decor wants for the bedroom Kyla…focus. This is the land in which we must shop. If you don’t know from a previous post, I’m a fan of Minted.com. This bull on a stare down is super cool. But then I think hmmm, what’s at Shopbop and I find this graphic tee by Maison Kitsune. And there’s my downfall. What’s up Run DMC? Get in my shopping cart Adidas Superstars.

So there ya have it, a glimpse into my strange mind and how I tick. Do you guys do this too? Is there anything out there that you’re eyeballing? Do you have any specific projects you are shopping for? Any cool new finds? I’d love to hear about them.


  1. cassie March 2, 2015

    oh i have the stare down on my list of wants, too!!! LOVE it!

    • kyla March 3, 2015

      I fell in love with it immediately! You and I have very similar tastes =)

  2. Kim March 2, 2015

    Curtains. I need dining room curtains. I’ve been looking for the right ones and nothing. I think I’m going to have to enlist the help of the woman I nannied for in my prior life.

    Fabulously funky jewelry. I have a lot of work events coming up this year and funky jewelry would be an excellent addition to the business-wear.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

    Hope you are all doing well!!

    • kyla March 3, 2015

      I’ve been in love with these curtains for over a year now! https://houseofhipsters.com/2013/10/curtain-crush/ They have been a bit out of my price range though. However, I’ve seen a couple DIYs for a dip dye curtain.

      I also get confused when curtains have a pattern. Trying to mix that pattern in with other patterns, well, let’s just say it can be a hot mess.

      • Kim March 4, 2015

        Those curtains are to DIE for!!! Thank you for sharing!! I also can’t have them puddle on the floor due to how our tiny room is set up and the bench, where the kids sit, is closer to the window and I can totally see them trampling all over the bottoms and ripping the rod out of the wall. And curtains to the bottom of the trim would seem silly.

        I’ll keep perusing Etsy and with the weather warming up, scouring shops in NYC. I’m holding out for the perfect curtains. And coffee table/ottoman. And lamps. 🙂


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