inspiring spaces + places

errmergerrrrrd you guys! i’ve gone pinterest crazy with all these inspiring spaces i can’t even stand it! i’m out of my funk and in full on design mode…seriously, i think the UPS guy is having flashbacks to the first 10 months after we moved in, and my husband is about to have a heart attack with the copious amounts of cardboard boxes that are marching through the front door…but we are making progress people! just step aside and put the boxes next to those boxes!

each one of the photos below spoke to me in some way shape or form over the last couple of weeks. whether it be rugs, navy or turquoise, wooden boxes, the fig tree…i think i’ve incorporated (or will be incorporating) a snippet or element from each room in the house. i mean, things are cookin’ over here. i swear i want to take a month off from my real job and just focus on this creativity.

but back to the spaces below…if you guys thought the last inspiring spaces + places was a good one, just wait because i’m going to kill it with this one. i hope you guys find them as inspiring as i do…oh and hey, have a great weekend! do you have anything amazing planned? i’ll probably be moving things around in the house…LOL! and according to FedEx, the rug i just ordered should be arriving saturday…woot! woot! can’t wait to show you!

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesmore after the jump

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and places

i love, love, love everything about this navy exterior and the teak wood trim is to die for…ugh! be still my beating heart! honey, can we paint the house this weekend? PLEASE???

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and places

so what do you think? are you as inspired as i am?

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  1. Lisa February 14, 2015

    Woha! Where is that lovely sink from?

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