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i’m by no means a professional photographer, but i do loves me some time behind the lens. my obsession first started way back when i worked for a furniture company. i was one of the lead designers and art directed every photo shoot. i worked with some great photographers who taught me how to light a set and how to work a DSLR. studios were just starting to change over from film and digital cameras were mega bucks.

i went to spain and morocco and managed to coax my sister into letting me borrow her canon rebel film camera. then i found the lomography company and stumbled upon the holga. who knew you could have a love affair with a $25 plastic boxy camera. i had to get a nicer camera of my own…sweet sister sold me hers. vintage cameras started to make their way into my home from flea markets, ebay, etsy, estate sales…one of my favorites is a flexerette vii i purchased in prague.

even though i love everything about film, it wasn’t instant and locating a place to develop it was proving to be more and more difficult. i decided to breakdown and buy a DSLR. i reached out to my photographer friends and decided to dip my toes in digital waters with a canon 20D. i chose to buy a cheaper body and throw more money at lenses. so i upgraded to the camera i have now…a canon markII 5D. man that camera is a dream. i love absolutely everything about it and try to carry it everywhere i go (along with my holga).

i’m always interested in what other photographers carry in their bags. speaking of bags…i must mention this, i’ve owned quite a few, but this epiphanie backback is my new love. it hold everything i need including my 17″ macbook pro. i also always have a small sketchbook, extra batteries and chargers. what’s in your bag?

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