Design Crush: Decorating With Rattan

While perusing Chairish’s outdoor furniture selection, I stumbled upon this fancy rattan chair. The Boy had just okayed purchasing patio furniture, so the search was on. I made an offer to the seller that was soon accepted and made an appointment to pick it up. I drove a hour, walked inside his home and my heart skipped a beat, then quickly sunk. Here was quite possibly the prettiest rattan chair I’ve ever seen. There was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks this chair would be sitting outside on my patio. But what to do with it??? I had already committed to purchasing. As you all know, I kinda have a love affair with chairs. An addiction one might call it…or at least that is what The Boy calls it…and decorating with rattan was never really my thing. I mean, I did have a Franco Albini ottoman, but that was it. How would this boho rattan look with my mid-century modern clean lines. Well, I was about to find out.

Decorating with Rattan


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I Make Emily Henderson Cry

Oh sweet Emily, you recently wrote about the kind of disaster that is your family room. And I gotta tell ya, I really needed to read this. Yes, you might have been sitting on the most perfect vintage blue Persian rug that you bought for $12 that alludes me and wearing the most perfect plaid shirt with the most perfect brown boots not tucked into straight leg jeans that I can never seem to pull off without feeling like I’m stomping around like a tyrannosaurus rex cowgirl…sorry, rambling, I digress, focus…but you taught me that it’s ok to have a room that’s not completely perfect and still showcase it on House Of Hipsters…even if it makes you cry a tiny bit.

Many of you have asked for a house tour. A wider look at the nook of disaster in the living room. I’ve had some emails asking which coffee table I wound up purchasing. Did I add curtains to the living room? Well, this living room makeover even if not quite perfected will answer a few of those unanswered questions.

I Make Emily Henderson Cry Living Room Makeover West Elm



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