Book Club – Wild By Cheryl Strayed

So, first thing’s first you guys. I have to apologize; this book club discussion page is way overdue. Summer just kinda got away from me, but we are back at it. Pinky swear. If I didn’t totally lose you, the House of Hipsters Book Club was last reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A powerful and honest memoir about a young woman on her solo hike of the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT). A woman reeling from catastrophe. Pretty much broken and scattered.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed Book Club Discussion



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All The Light We Cannot See – Book Club

The House Of Hipsters’ book club has been reading All The Light We Cannot See this month. I really hope no one hates on me after reading this post. I can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it either. It was for sure not one of my favorites. In fact, if it wasn’t for the book club, I would have put it back on the shelf; however, I felt obligated to read it. It was a beast of a book for me. The flowery, embellished written words combo’d with its jumping around in time. Oy. To be honest, the book made me feel dumb because I was mainly confused. I was frustrated and felt I needed a dictionary. It was sentences like, “Mazes in nodules on murex shells and in the textures of sycamore bark and inside the hollow bones of eagles.” What does that even mean?

All The Light We Cannot See



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Book Club — The Girl On The Train

So we’re almost halfway through March and quite a few of you…including myself…have finished The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. All the reviews I read had compared it to Gone Girl, so I was thrilled to be reading this month’s book picked by Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us and Thalita from The Learner Observer and my co-worker Mary Kate.

This book is narrated by three different women which can sometimes make for a difficult read, but in this case, was well done. It just took some getting use to. The only thing I really found myself paging back to were the dates. Confused at first, I didn’t realize Megan’s dates were completely different from Rachel’s dates. I was also suddenly taken aback when Anna jumped into the mix a quarter of the way in. In fact, I thought I had completely missed the boat and had to double back to make sure. I mean, I do read in bed, half asleep, so ya never know.

The Girl On The Train Book Club Discussion Page


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Book Club — Yes Please by Amy Poehler

OK you guys! I’ve picked a new book for our book club. I hope you all have read #GIRLBOSS, but if you haven’t no big deal. Like I said before, this is a no pressure, no obligation read as fast or slow as you wish kinda club. I chose Yes Please by Amy Poehler because it was recommended to me by a fellow House Of Hipsters reader whom I’ve known since Preschool/Kindergarten. It’s so crazy how this blog has brought so many people into my life again — new and old.

Book Club Yes Please Amy Poehler



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House of Hipsters Book Club

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day you guys! Are you all ready to eat like crazy tomorrow or are you still in the hustle and bustle of it all? I’m a little bit of both. In a few of my previous posts, I’ve hinted at starting a book club. Now, I’m the world’s slowest reader which is why in the past I’ve never joined a book club. I felt pressured to meet and chat and talk about the book. The book I maybe started, read 7 chapters and got too busy to finish. Work got in the way. Kids got in the way. Life got in the way. I wanted to join a book club with no obligation. Just a place where if I wanted to check in, I could. So that is what I’ve created here.

House of Hipsters Book ClubMORE AFTER THE JUMP

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