indoor house plants you won’t kill

a snake plant is easy to care for

after taking a good look around the house, i’ve noticed that a few spots could really benefit from some green leafy foliage…blerg, my nemesis…in the past, i have sent many a plant to an early grave. plants hate me. i swear, i walk past one and can hear it begging for its life. but there are so many inspiring home decor photos on pinterest where a fiddle fig leaf tree makes the entire room come alive. the space just seems to have this breath of fresh air. so i asked the interwebs, “hey interwebs, what plant can the blackest of black thumbs keep alive? for i need a plant that can survive major neglect” this my lovelies is what i’m here to share with you today.

snake plant: (above) i really like it because it adds instant height. i needed something that would fit in that perfectly over-sized planter (from BAM) and not be dwarfed by the floor lamp. i walked into home depot and walked out $15 lighter in the wallet…not too shabby. this plant is also recommended for improving air quality because it converts CO2 into oxygen at night. cool huh? many people put them in their bedrooms. it’s also ideal for those who have very little time…yep, that is me!

split leaf philodendron

photo by the brick house

split leaf philodendron: this would be my next purchase if i did not have children as it is poisonous (pets as well). i love the huge glossy green tropical leaves…i’m also fond of one trimmed leaf in an over-sized vessel. so simple…keep it in water and it could keep for a month! this plant does have an odd characteristic…chose its placement in your home wisely. it does not like to be moved…it may revolt by dropping its leaves. indirect light and weekly waterings will help it thrive.

guiana chestnut (money tree) and rubber tree

photo by unknown /// photo by tina hellberg

guiana chestnut: good grief, stop with this imagery already! also known as a money tree, it is known to be a sign of good fortune. this one is virtually kill prove even if you over water it, and it’s braided trunk is seriously gorg!

rubber tree: these bad boys have really thick, glossy leaves…you’re biggest problem with this guy might be having to dust it? the leaves need a wipe down every once in awhile, but otherwise they are quite simple to maintain. in fact, if you have a small space, you may reconsider owning one since they can grow quite large. be sure to place him in bright light, but turn him once a week since plants grow towards the sun. to keep him at the proper height, prune him.

fiddle fig tree and air plants

photo by /// photo by design sponge

fiddle fig leaf tree: these little guys might be giving pink peonies a run for their money on instagram. it’s the “it” tree of houseplants. okay, so this one you might kill…it’s kinda finicky. indirect light, water only when the soil is dried out and sing it a lullaby at night. however, i see them in my gym, so how hard can they be to maintain? their sculptural quality makes my heart sing…i’m crushing hard on this little guy.

air plants: these little guys don’t grow in soil, but they do need water. be sure to place them in bright, indirect sunlight. the care is super simple and they don’t need a babysitter when you go on vacation.

succulents and indoor mandarin tree

photo by /// photo by unknown

succulents: these little indestructible monsters are booming in popularity as well these days. they prefer bright light, room temperature during the day (70°) and a bit colder at night (55°). water them generously during the day, but allow them to dry in between waterings. i really like the look of arranging different varieties together in one pot. soooooo pretty, classic and low maintenance.

indoor mandarin tree: so this dude holds a special little spot in my heart. my mom had one of these when i was a kid, and i have no clue what happened to him, but i loved him dearly as a child. because of that (and only that), it made the list. this little guy is probably the most finicky of them all…he needs to be watered weekly and demands a lot of direct sunlight…at least 5 hours per day. where this guys gets problematic is dealing with humidity…they love it. so in the midwest like myself, they are not ideal during the dry winter months. they really are meant to be grown outdoors, but if you give them a higher humidity they should in theory thrive…hey, if my mom can keep one alive, so can you!

word to the wise, make sure your pots have good drainage to avoid root rot. this is one thing i was unaware of when i purchased the snake plant. see, i bought this beautiful planter and then hadn’t a clue what to grow since it didn’t have a hole. putting rocks or gravel in the bottom and topping it with soil was not recommended. what i wound up doing was transferring it to a pot with a drainage hole and then just simply placed that pot in my pretty planter. easy peasy.


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