Plus Sign Pattern

While wandering aimlessly around Target the other day, I was stopped dead in my tracks by these plus sign pattern sheets. Love at first sight people! Simple, elegant, and just plain lovely! Here’s the clincher, king sized sheets for only $38.99! Hello ladies, get in m’cart! Of course I bought two sets, right? I mean, you can’t have enough sheets. Besides, look at them! They’re adorable! They’re so cute and surprisingly soft, I don’t even want to get out of bed today (or maybe I just don’t want to go to spin class). I digress. Anyhoo, let’s get a little crazy with plus signs…you’ve been warned.

Target Plus Sign Sheets



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Coco Carpets

A few months ago, I stumbled across the company Coco Carpets. See, I was on Pinterest late one night (no surprise there) and this a-mazing boucherouite Moroccan rug stopped me in my tracks. Now, if you’ve been watching my Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been pining away for the perfect rug. It’s become a thing. At one point I had 3 rugs I didn’t like in the basement storage room and The Boy said if I brought a new rug home, an old one had to leave the nest. ERMERGERD! Who says this kind of things! What sort of monster are you?


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pretty little things

last week i started a new weekly post call “pretty little things“. this week i think can probably tell i was inspired by summer, camping and nature…something i’ve tried to incorporate in my own interior design. i’m also getting so excited for our visit to camp wandawega…so that was channelled a bit as well.

in the list i’ve gathered below i have to admit, i do have a couple of the items…i just could not resist including them because they are just so good. my favorite item is the ceiling lamp from pieces out of atlanta. this vine pendant was one of my first purchases for the house…a bit spendy, but completely worth it. i was on a mission to replace the brass and glass builder grade hunk-o-ugliness that hung in my foyer. it is so pretty at night…if you use a half chrome bulb, it just makes the entire room twinkle. everyone from the postman to the neighbors comments on it.

i also have the beekeepers club keychain from three potato four. stu and his wife janet have been my go to for many of the antiques in the house. he also helped me when i was designing the dude’s bedroom…i needed something large but not heavy to hang on his wall…stu suggested his rhino wall hanging…it was perfect for the space. at first i was hesitant to email him for help, but he answered back right away and was super helpful…great customer service is so refreshing!

anyhoo, here is my list of pretty little things for the week. i so hope you like them…and don’t worry, the sources are at the bottom!


vine pendant chandelier and half chrome light bulbpink painting, brass legs and souk rugsouk rug, pink clay face mask, heirloom candleseaside painting and canoe paddlecanoe paddle and brass branch side tablehotel keychain and pink dino succulent plantercamo shorts and vintage arrows1 – vine pendant chandelier
2 – half chrome globe light bulb
3 – end of roll print
4 – brass legs
5 – souk rug
6 – artisan canoe paddle
7 – clay pink mask
8 – izola heirloom candle
9 – dark seas print
10 – brass branch side table
11 – motel keychain
12 – pink dinosaur succulents planter
13 – camo shorts
14 – vintage arrows