Visiting Unison Home Store in Chicago – Part 2

Dear Emily,

You’ll be happy to know I’ve finally received some pillow help from the gals at Unison. I stopped into the store for a visit and pillow lesson last week and just to make sure I had mastered the art of mixing and matching, they were kind enough to stop over to the house. I also might have bribed them with good coffee. I know kitten, I really needed some hand holding on this one. Maybe you called them and gave them a heads up. If you did, for that I thank you. So wipe those tears from your sweet cheeks and turn that frown upside down because my pillows have been styled in a perfect palette and pattern family. Hip hip hooray! Pull up a seat, sit that cutie patootie down, and check out what the Unison girls had up their sleeve.

It is not easy to mix and match pillows for your home decor. So many colors, patterns and sizes to think about. In this post we teamed up with Unison Home Store to talk about what pillows work best and show different combinations. Click through to read more.
Photo by Laura Rose Davis from Everyday Charming


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