Brrrrrrrrr, It’s Cold!

Polar vortex. Bomb cyclone. Snow in Florida. Here in Chicago, we have had a “feels like” temperature of -15° since Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying inside…under a few blankies…until this nonsense goes away. For entertainment, we’ve gone bowling, played Eucher, Yahzee, and Tri-Onomos and watched a lot of TV.

What to watch on Netflix

Until The Frame arrived, Netflix, Hulu, Firesticks, Chromecasting, Amazon Prime Videos…it was all foreign tech to me. None of that fanciness worked on our old TV. Most of the time it was old reruns of Alf while scrolling through Instagram. But now, post Frame arrival, I’ve gotten up close and personal with binged watching full seasons and now understand why Netflix cheating can cause minor issues. Here’s what The Boy and I have been watching and what’s next on our list during the big chill.


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