Found & Foraged Linky Party #28

Welcome to the Found & Foraged Saturday night linky party. I’ve returned from my vacation and am slowly getting back into the swing of things. So where did I go? What did I do? If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably figured it out, but if not, I’ve been in Germany for the past 2 weeks visiting The Boy’s family.

He had to go to Munich for work, so we all hopped on a plane to join him. Thanks to The Boy’s parents, we had a brief getaway alone in Munich which was so amazing. We returned to his parents’ home in The Pfalz and later had a family reunion at his Oma Loni’s. Phew! The entire trip was fabulous, and I’m working on a post to share with you.

How have you been? What have you been up to? I enjoyed seeing all the awesome projects from a couple weeks a ago. Absolutely amazing you guys. Tonight I’m featuring a few of my favorites including a few Mid-Century Modern makeovers, a new fashion blog from an old friend, and a super cool modern hexagon planter DIY.  Give them all a visit and a comment.

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Phoenix Restoration   ///   Mid-Century Modern Makeover – Credenza Before & After

Mid-Century Modern Makeover


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Shopping for a Coffee Table

Hey guys! I hope y’all have recovered from your food comas and paid off your credit cards from Black Friday because we’re not done shopping. Not quite yet anyway. I need a new coffee table, and I need your input. Well, to be honest I’ve needed a new coffee table for quite some time (since we moved into the house, I knew the existing one wasn’t quite right), but Thanksgiving evening it all came to a head when this little gem was finally unrolled and loved on. Ya, have to admit, I kinda caressed it’s awesomeness for a few minutes an hour or two or three or four (let’s be real). I’ve been lusting over it for years. Ever since my girl Emily Henderson rolled it out for the first time, I kinda went bonkers over it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved (past tense) my present coffee table in our old place, but it just doesn’t fit in the space in this new house. It’s a 48″ x 48″ monstrosity that has overtaken the TV room. It’s enormous! The Boy and I can roll out a full sushi meal on it and have room to spare. It’s crazy huge (and for sale BTDubs). I loved it at the time because of it’s size, and it’s from Room and Board so you really can’t go wrong. However, in this new space, it must go.

Shopping for a coffee table


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