Josh Young Design House GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Wanna skip the post and head straight for the giveaway??? I get it, it’s fine. You’re fine. The winner will receive their very own 8×10 “Kyla” that will be in a 11×14 white matted, white frame. Scroll, scroll, scroll to the bottom to get all the deets and instant satisfaction. If you’re here for the post…thanks for stopping by and read on friend.

Instagram. I swear it’s the land of serendipity. Late last year I stumbled upon the Josh Young Design House gallery. Little did I know I was about to fall into one of the most wonderful collaborations I’ve worked on to date. Josh emailed me shortly after I pressed follow on his Insta account. Ummm, hello amazing artist who’s been featured in Vogue, GQ, Domino AND Apartment Therapy! Why on earth are you emailing little old me? My heart pretty much skipped like 57 beats. Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome! Please be something awesome!

Kyla — A collab, Josh Young Design House X House Of Hipsters avant garde statement artwork #statementart #thejealouscurator #portrait #vintage


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How To Start A Collection

Happy Thursday! Erica Reitman, The Design Ninja Extraordinaire, is stopping over today to talk about how to start a collection. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a ton…trophies, indigo, navy books, vintage barware…errrrmmmm *cough* chairs…ya let’s not go there, but sometimes it all goes in a box. I never know what to do with it all. Anyhoo, no matter what it is that you’re drawn to, Erica’s here to tell you to snap that shiz up and put it on display. Now excuse me while I go start my “Buy Me This” Pinterest board. 

Needlepoints with exotic animal imagery, baskets of all shapes and sizes, large ashtrays, iced tea spoons, rocks glasses, vintage matchbooks…these are just a few of the bizarro things I’ve decided to collect over the years.

How To Start A Collection. Erica Reitman teaches us how to collect the things you love and fly your freak flag high!


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One Room Challenge — Office Makeover with Vintage Finds

Time!!! The One Room Challenge final reveal deadline has arrived! Hands up! Well kinda. It’s the night before this post goes live, and I’m typing as fast as my little fingers can hit keys. I take that back, it’s after midnight. But for all intents and purposes, this room is dunzo! Like many of the other participants, I got the flu, and I’m tired and exhausted. Anyone who tells you this challenge is a breeze is lying. However, it’s also one of the most enjoyable blog projects I’ve ever completed. It’s been an absolute blast, but it really has come down to the wire. Last Saturday, I was still putting the finishing touches on the styling and scouring the Grayslake Flea Market like a crazed woman on a mission…for which I was. Yes, there are a few things that didn’t arrive on time, but it’s all good. I’m still pleased as punch with the final outcome.

My goal for this room was to bring in a lot of vintage pieces. Mixing old and new. Giving it a twist. Not banking on trends. I wanted the space to be comfy. Cozy. Someplace I’d like to hang out for hours. Challenge accepted. And I have to tell you, in my heart, with every fiber of my body, I know I hit this room makeover out of the park. Since I’m one of those people who can’t hold in their excitement…here’s the final reveal! My office makeover with vintage finds.

One Room Challenge — Fall 2015 Finale. Final room reveal of my Home Office design project. A makeover with vintage finds mixed with new home decor. I wanted a workspace that was comfy. Click thru to the blog for all the details. - Interior Design using the Loloi Anastasia Rug


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