I Make Emily Henderson Cry…or do I?

Dear Emily,

A couple months ago you some how came across my blog and read an I Make Emily Henderson Cry post. I about fell out of my chair when you wrote on my Facebook page. I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Since watching Secrets From A Stylist (please bring it back, I need you in my living room…but not in a creepy kinda way), I’ve learned so much about my style and how to create vignettes. I still haven’t mastered the art of mixing and matching pillows, but I swear I’m practicing.

Reading your blog and watching your videos…girl, you are a wealth of knowledge that people like me value, adore, and cherish. It’s like you’ve created your very own little army of eclectic style mixing wanna be designers. Because of you, I had the confidence to start this master bedroom makeover and know it would wind up magazine worthy. And for that, I thank you. So if you’re reading this, I hope you see how you’ve inspired me. From velvet navy headboards to brass sconces to mix and matched furniture. Mid-Century Modern with a little bit of granny as you call it. Wipe those sweet salty tears of sadness away and come out from hiding in the closet because girl, I’m about to blow your mind…I hope, fingers crossed.

There’s been some chatter…mostly started by myself…of a super secret amazingly stupendous master bedroom makeover project. Yep, it was on track for a very cool feature in a very cool magazine, but, weird shit happens sometimes and whomp, whomp, whomp, I think that game is over. It’s okay though, I’m over it…not really. Insert laughing so hard I’m crying emojis here. I still have what will soon be one dreamy little spot to lay my pretty head. That is, pending a gorgeous rug’s arrival from India, a painter who has been perpetually busy and a DIY. Note to self, stop slamming the painter get on that DIY already. Oh, and some wall art above my bed.

Because the space is not finalized (the main feature is the rug), this post is not a complete reveal (sad face), but I promise to share more then just a one picture sneak peek. I’ll also be sharing with you how everything came together, and who helped me make my master bedroom makeover happen.

Master Bedroom Makeover Mid-Century Modern


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11 Bargain Buys Under $100

Hey you guys! Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping! I don’t know what you have planned for the day, but mine is full of work, work, and more work. Boo, right? Well, I’m preparing to turn that frown upside down with this fun post! So, I have to be truthful with ya, remember that post of 10 Bargain Buys Under $100 here? I had to pare it down because it was outta control! There was too much goodness for just one post, so this is technically “Part Two of the Goodness”.

Are you ready for a shopping extravaganza because today’s list has an extra special yummy item. That tea towel WAAAAAY at the bottom. Laura found it while we were shopping over at the Renegade Fair in Chicago a couple weeks ago. She reluctantly walked away from it, since she was only living room shopping (girl’s got will power for days), but boy do I keep thinking about that little pretty pretty. Hey Laura, maybe you should have Ryan read this post? Hey Ryan, that tea towel down below, go buy it for your girl! She lurves it!

And BTDubs, there’s only 79 days ’til Christmas!

11 Bargain Buys Under $100


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10 Bargain Buys Under $100


Man oh man you guys, the last couple weeks have been nutso in this hipster house. I swear, I should have just posted a sign outside the door that read, “Beware. The Plague”. If someone wasn’t sneezing or couching the other was barfing. Oh the humanity! I don’t think anything sucks worse then being sick while your kids are sick.

Anyhoo, I’ve really been trying to save money these days. And man-oh-man is it putting a damper on my shopping habits. I rarely seen my dear BFF the UPS man. I miss him so. In fact, I hear his truck pass the house and yearn to see his lovely face asking me to sign here. *sigh* But it got me thinking. Girl, you’ve got friends with super supreme style that are under the same budget restraints. You got this! So grab your pocketbooks lovely because I’ve been busy searching high and low for stylish bargain buys that won’t break the bank. Ready? And, go!

10 bargain buys under $100More after the jump…

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too cool for school /// dorm style

affordable decor for the dorm room

it’s time to go back to school, so we found some hip, affordable, and stylish items to brighten up any dull dorm room! create a space that is unique to you and save your cash for books (or beer).

fancy pens: you will take better notes when you know you are better than unicorns (okay, i’ll admit, i bought these for myself)

bright bedding: this embroidered quilt adds pops of color to make that dull bed pretty

a little luck: this jewelry holder will keep all your babbles safe and sound

some inspiration: always remember to “fall in love with as many things as possible”

light it up: a stylish task lamp for pulling all nighters

swanky table: this little table is light, portable and small…it will hold anything from a glass of water or an alarm clock

team spirit: put a little pep in your day with this “do your best pennant”

camo backpack: lug all those books in style

jammin’ sound: bring the party along with this portable speaker

10 under $100 – bargain buys

the boy always tells me i have champagne taste and yes, i will agree…it’s been that way since i was a kid. my mom would always tell me, “no one is going to know if you have $20 jeans or $200 jeans unless someone looks at the tag on your behind.” i beg to differ. while watching hgtv the other day, the host said, “with a little DIY, you’d never know this table was only $20.” ummm, yes. yes, i would…and the boy’s response to that was, “well that’s because you’re a snarky bitch momma.” bahahahahaha…this is also true (and he says that with love). but just because i have champagne taste, doesn’t mean i don’t have a budget.

so let’s do a little budget friendly shopping, shall we?

budget friendly bargain buysbudget friendly bargain buys

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