The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Shopping In Chicago

When it comes to vintage shopping in Chicago, you can shop til you drop, take a disco nap, rally and shop some more. It’s also safe to say I shop for vintage…a lot, and therefore I receive quite a few emails that go something like this: “Hey Kyla, I’m visiting Chicago, and I was hoping you’d share some of you favorite places to shop vintage.” Of course I oblige. Shopping for vintage is my jam.

The ultimate guide to shopping vintage in Chicago. Read more on House Of Hipsters

Now, before you bombard my inbox asking to be sent the coveted, super secret list, keep on reading this post, then promptly bookmark, save  to Pinterest, and engrain it in your brain because today I’m sharing the mother of all lists…House Of Hipsters ultimate guide to vintage shopping in Chicago and surrounding suburbs!


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The How To Guide For Estate Sales

It was shocking to learn how many of my vintage besties have never attended an estate sale. Yes, walking into a complete stranger’s home can be quite intimidating, but estate sales are where I find the best stuff with the best prices. So, because not everyone is versed in this art of thrifting, I decided to write a complete how to guide for estate sales.

Complete How to guide for estates sales. Everything you wanted to know about estate sales by House of Hipsters


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7 Tips: Buying Vintage Home Decor

A good portion of the decor in my home is vintage. Guests that visit often ask me where I got this vase, that painting or fancy rattan lounger. Much to their surprise, I know where each piece was purchase, who I purchased it from and more often than not, I have a story to go along with that particular piece. But there are a few things to remember when buying vintage home decor.

7 Tips to buying vintage for your home decor and when to buy newvia DesignSponge (photo by Honey Lake Studio)

Not only do I want my home to be functional, comfortable, and affordable, but I also want it to be unique. Buying vintage tends to satisfy that individuality. By mixing old and new I can repurpose vintage items that are found, flea, or salvaged pieces. My decor always has a story to tell and my guests usually walk away talking about my home to others.


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