a stylin’ nightstand you say?


about 3 years ago i fell in love with emily henderson…like a huge girl crush people. we had just bought our home and i was watching hgtv for some inspiration. i caught a few episodes of secrets from a stylist and thought to myself, yes! she gets it!i i recorded every single one. i paused the television and took pictures of the screen to remember exactly how a table was dressed. i googled every store and spent way too much money. the ups man was not crushing on me, that’s for sure.

her blog became one of my daily ritual reads. you really should check it out. she posts these great how to videos. not too long ago she posted a how to style a nightstand video and held a contest. her fans were to style their nightstand, photograph it and promote it on facebook. facebook friends would vote and the winner would receive these fabu serena and lily nightstands. my nightstand was one of the lucky chosen ones, and although i did not win, i was seriously excited. like jumping up and down and squealing like a little girl excited.

i think my favorite part of it is my butch anthony artwork. of course practicality set in and my brain said, “hey lady, this nightstand is not conducive to small children.” so for only 20 minutes did my nightstand looked like this, but i took a picture and every time i look at it i think, ha, i made it to emily henderson’s top 15! by the way, if you want to master your own nightstand, be sure to watcher her how to video.

little maus



little maus is 11 months this week. it’s just crazy how time flies by. it seems like yesterday we were welcoming you to the world. you have grown so fast. oh little lady, i love you to the moon and back.

in the last 2 months you have learned to wave bye-bye. you say bir-tee, read, ball, momma, and baby. you’re cruising furniture and apparently taken a step that i have yet to see…so it doesn’t count sweet one. you have a favorite book about colors and could spend hours reading the same 10 pages. you’re so observant…watching everything around you. you love to swing in the backyard and crawl, chasing your brother while he pretends to be spiderman.

we are planning your birthday party and what a bash it will be. smartypants will be creating his balloon sculptures for you, your brother and all your friends, and dena will be face-painting.



getting organized


i’ve managed to stay fairly organized with my smartphone, but after maus came along my iphone just wasn’t cutting it. with an overflowing inbox and lists upon lists scratched out on various pieces of paper, i said enough. i finally broke down and bought myself a day planner. but this isn’t your average day planner. it is the day designer. i not only can strategically plan out my day but my entire year. all my lists are in one spot and it looks pretty cute to boot! there is also a spot where i can write out my 3 goals of the day. pretty nifty indeed. now to follow through on everything…i guess the day designer can’t do everything huh?

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