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In my teen years, if we were friends, you probably received a mixtape from me. I probably spent hours pouring over cassette after cassette trying to find the most perfect song that I thought you might just love. More often then not, it was indie music. Something obscure you’d never heard before, and my hopes were that you’d love a certain band just as much as I did. Growing up in a small rural town in Wisconsin made it difficult to find anything that wasn’t Top 40 or Country. But I lived close enough to Madison, and State Street had great college record stores that fed my need for something different.

H I T   P L A Y   T O   L I S T E N

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Found & Foraged Linky Party #1

Found and Foraged Linky Party

Welcome to the Found & Foraged Linky Party. We are so glad you stopped by! Found & Foraged is a place to show off your creativity and how you’re using found and foraged treasures to beautify the spaces around you. Link up your DIY’s, house projects, vintage finds, shopping scores, upcycled projects, foraged decor, and anything else you’re working on!

What exactly is Found & Foraged? For those of us who don’t have infinite budgets, we sometimes have to search high and low to make our homes beautiful. Found & Foraged is for all those things you’ve found – vintage pieces, curb alerts, clearance treasures, thrift store gems, and those that you’ve foraged – from the yard, the basement, the in-laws garage, the garden, and to show off how you’ve made them a beautiful part of your home.

We will be hosting this linky party every Saturday at 8PM. So be sure to add us to your calendar and check back weekly to add you links and party with us.

The Hosts of Found & Foraged

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Found & Foraged Linky Party and Instagram Challenge

Hi guys! In case you missed my Monday post, I just wanted to drop a quick note to remind my blog buddies that tonight (SATURDAY NIGHT) at 8PM CENTRAL TIME, I’ve teamed up with Grace from The Big Reveal and Laura from Avery Street Design to bring you a NEW Linky Party called Found & Foraged.

Found and Foraged Linky Party


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Thrift Score Thursday

Thrift Score Thursday

Hey you guys! Today I’m guest hosting slash Instagramming with the lovely ladies of Thrift Score Thursday. I seriously was so excited when I received an email from Brynne and Trisha that I leaped out of my chair. They sent me the email a couple months ago, but the guest posts were solidly filled until Halloween. And don’t hate on me for this, but I’m really bah-humbug on Halloween. Cringe, I’m sorry! Boo on me, I know! I mean, yes, I give candy to little children when they ring my doorbell. (And THAT doesn’t sound horrible and weird at all?!?! Oy!) I’m not The Grinch, but dressing up is SO not my thing. That is until this post apparently. I’ll get to more of that later, but I really want to get to the features first! So here we go!


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Gift Ideas For Guys + Giveaway

The Boy can be THE MOST difficult person to buy a gift for. He’s not fussy. Nor is he picky. And he rarely says, “I need that.” On the rare occasion he does utter those words, he just buys it. Sooooo frustrating. I’ve always bought him a cookbook for Christmas (that’s kind of our thing), and a good standby is a bottle of cologne (booooring). He’s a sweatshirt and jeans kinda guy. No wool sweaters, no fancy ties. As the holidays draw nearer, my anxiety for gift ideas gets greater and greater.

Owen & Fred Giveaway and Gift Giving Guide

Hopefully I’ve found the cure to that anxiety because today I’ve teamed up with Owen & Fred to bring you some awesome gift ideas for guys! Boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers and BFFs will rejoice this holiday season!

Owen & Fred has been kind enough to giveaway one of their shaving kits, a set of paisley black leather coasters and a brass bottle opener to one of my lucky readers (that’s you!). YEAH! So don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post to enter for a chance to win. (I’m also giving you additional chances to enter because this is a really good one, so get at it!)

And before I forget, these guys are so awesome, they are offering 10% off to any House of Hipsters reader with the promo code HOH.

It's a giveaway!


Awesome, right?


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