No Makeup Home Tour

We all see celebrities, actresses, beauty bloggers and Kardashians posting no makeup selfies. The #ijustwokeuplikethis candid shot. A genuine look underneath at all the time and effort that goes into looking beautiful. Some still look stunning and others absolutely hideous. But in a weird way it makes that person more relatable. Every blemish and flaw is exposed. They are more normal. 

No Makeup Home Tour hosted by House of Hipsters — what a blogger's home looks like in real life.

Over the last year, I’ve been wanting to host a home tour that was a bit out of the ordinary. Something authentic. A real glimpse behind the curtain of Instagram and into the everyday life of the home decor blogger. When not every pillow is perfectly karate chopped and not every bed is made. After months of planning, I threw it out there thinking for sure this would take convincing. But I sent out an email anyway, asking a few of my bloggery besties to join me, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best. Much to my surprise, an incredibly talented group (all listed below…please go visit their home tours as well) stepped forward ready to bare it all. Welcome to the No Makeup Home Tour.


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