My Top 7 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

It wasn’t until recently that I started shopping thrift stores. The smell kinda skeezed me out, and they are full of discarded junk that no one wants. Broke vases, mismatched glasses, bad holiday decor, old pots and pans, 100s of vases you get from the floral shop, fake Coach purses…shelf after shelf after shelf of down right garbage, right? WRONG!

7 Thrift Store Shopping Tips - how to find the best stuff at vintage shops

You’ve read my estate sale post and online estate sale shopping post…so how do you find the diamond in the rough when thrifting? The hidden gems? Here are my top 7 thrift store shopping tips.


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Amour Fou — A Parisian Cocktail Recipe

Yes, I know I’m long overdue for a Parsian recap. Je suis désolée. Summer and unemployment got the best of me. But, I promise to have a full Paris Flea post or two in the next month or so…where I went, what I bought, and what I wish I would have known. But until then, I hope this bordello inspired boozy beverage will tide you over.

Maison Souquet hotel Elisa cocktail might have the best boozy beverage I've ever had. Les Belles Horizontales. Vanilla Vodka, Lillet and a Champagne Float.


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What I’d Tell My Younger Self

Lately I’ve been reflecting back on my younger years. Teenage years as a rebel girl. College years as a snotty know it all sorority, cheerleader girl. My 20s when I thought I could see my clear path in life. Now I laugh, shake my head and think, if I only I could see into the future. Nothing is really what I thought it would be, yet it’s everything I hoped it to be. If I had the chance to go back and whisper sweet nothings in my younger years’ ear, this is what I’d say.

What I'd tell my younger self.


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Creating A Vintage Modern Home Office

Vintage modern home office? Hmmm, if that’s not a dichotomy, I’m not sure what is. There may not be such a design style, but that’s the look I’m for in my home office. Last year I ditched my old white IKEA cabinets and tabletop for an old vintage pine desk. Kind of a nod to my dining room table and keeping the theme of mixing old wood with glam Hollywood Regency brass chairs. Now that I’m spending more time here, I’m bound and determined to pretty this space up.

Slowly but surely it’s coming together, but I owe a lot of inspiration to Pinterest. Every night I’m lying in bed, pinning unique home offices that catch my eye…taking special notice when I see a beat up old wood desk. But if it’s a space I love, I ask myself, “what elements can I take from here for my home”.

Designer Dana Triano dreamed up this home office workspace nook for the Pasadena Showcase House for the ArtsPhoto: Dana Triano/2017 Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts


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Wireless Sound and Smart Lighting — Sengled Lightbulbs

This post is sponsored by Sengled. 

When Sengled Lightbulbs asked if I wanted to try their lightbulbs, I was like, ummmm, it’s a lightbulb. *shrugs* What’s to try, right? Before I agreed, I typed Sengled into google to do a little research and soon found out that these were not your ordinary lightbulbs. 

Sengled Lightbulbs - Element lightbulbs change color and dim all through an app or Alexa

The Boy is all about controlling the house from his phone. We live in a smart home. From the thermostat to vacuum cleaner, all devices bow to the palm of his hand. Sengled lightbulbs fit right in because they could be controlled from an app. Element bulbs could be scheduled, dimmed, turned on or off, and it integrated with Alexa. (Since install day, there’s been a lot of, “Alexa, dim lights to 20%.”) Pulse had a wireless built in JBL Bluetooth speaker, and Snap (which I didn’t test) has a built in security camera. Who knew lightbulbs could be exciting.


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