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Monday, July 21, 2014

hello lovelies! it’s really late tonight, and i just can’t sleep…the boy is traveling on business which means momma bird stays up all night long making sure no masked bandits get in the house…i know, it’s super silly, but i have this fear that if i close my eyes, something horrible will happen, and i will sleep thru the entire ordeal. thank gawd the boy rarely travels, or i’d be walking around with bags under my eyes. but lucky for you, i’m bright eyed and bushy tailed…ready to share with you a new edition of pretty little things.

this time around, i decided to include a few things that i actually own…a select few of my most priced possessions. since i recently shared my most embarrassing to do list, i figured i needed to redeem some of my cool factor. i should also tell you, i have knocked out quite a few items off that list and this little momma is feeling quite proud herself . i think writing it down and publishing it for the world to read helped motivate me, and i can’t wait to share more of the happenings around the house…but until then, check out what’s in store for you today!

pretty little thingsbrass lotus lamp and white tulip saarinen round dining tablechesterfield green velvet sofa and caravan pacific lampFranco Albini Rattan Ottomanmirror with leather strap and brass sconcecowhide ottoman from room and boardz lounger chair by south of urbanthe perimeter tray brass and wood traywhite campaign dresser


in case you want to know where you can find one of these beauties, here are the sources
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inspiring spaces + places

Friday, July 18, 2014

errmergerrrrrd you guys! i’ve gone pinterest crazy with all these inspiring spaces i can’t even stand it! i’m out of my funk and in full on design mode…seriously, i think the UPS guy is having flashbacks to the first 10 months after we moved in, and my husband is about to have a heart attack with the copious amounts of cardboard boxes that are marching through the front door…but we are making progress people! just step aside and put the boxes next to those boxes!

each one of the photos below spoke to me in some way shape or form over the last couple of weeks. whether it be rugs, navy or turquoise, wooden boxes, the fig tree…i think i’ve incorporated (or will be incorporating) a snippet or element from each room in the house. i mean, things are cookin’ over here. i swear i want to take a month off from my real job and just focus on this creativity.

but back to the spaces below…if you guys thought the last inspiring spaces + places was a good one, just wait because i’m going to kill it with this one. i hope you guys find them as inspiring as i do…oh and hey, have a great weekend! do you have anything amazing planned? i’ll probably be moving things around in the house…LOL! and according to FedEx, the rug i just ordered should be arriving saturday…woot! woot! can’t wait to show you!

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and places

i love, love, love everything about this navy exterior and the teak wood trim is to die for…ugh! be still my beating heart! honey, can we paint the house this weekend? PLEASE???

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and places

so what do you think? are you as inspired as i am?

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the to do list

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the neighbors have better stuff doormat

well, they probably don’t have better stuff, but their homes are probably more put together than mine. i think i have ADD…i start a project with good intentions…completely focused and then oh look, a chicken, something shiny and i’m on to the next project when ooooh look shinier, i wander around a bit, move something around and then my kiddos wake up from their rest time or it’s 9PM, i’m completely tired and i open pinterest…i swear that app can be such a time suck, an amazing pretty time suck, but a time suck all the same.

at the beginning of the year i said yes to apartment therapy’s the january cure…it’s kind of a challenge where apartment therapy sends you assignments via email, and if you put in the effort you will hopefully see a big, positive difference in your overall life. i didn’t even make it through the first step. see my german husband is very organized and neat. the boy needs order in his life…he balances out my chaos. we don’t have blown out light bulbs, or overcrowded bookshelves or wiggly door knobs or stacks of lose DVDs and games by the TV…those things would drive him to the brink of insanity.

to make a difference in MY overall life, i need to style and clutter (well, that is what the boy calls it…i call it adding knick-knacks and making a table pretty) i need to buy window treatments, i need to make a commitment to a rug, i need to add color, i need to style my mantle (or rip it out and build a new one because i have no idea where to begin and i think it’s super ugly), i need to buy pillows from different stores that have a cohesive look and add jazziness to a room with color and patterns

since i’ve started blogging more and more about my house and posting pictures, i’ve decided to put it all out there…today…my to do list, my REAL to do list…the things i don’t want to show you…i want to keep this blog real, so i decided to type up my list and post it with pictures [YIKES] for all the world to see, flaws and all…oh dear lord help me. i read a lot of blogs that usually contain before and afters, but they rarely just post a before and maybe there won’t be an after picture…so here’s to hoping there’s an after eventually…i present to you my overwhelming to do list:

1. you bought window treatments for the front room and the playroom, but they “just” fit width-wise…you need to buy an extra set for each window…and while you’re at it, just buy the rods your should have bought in the first place since the cheap $3 version sags and much to your dismay, you really can tell the difference

serena and lily striped window panels

2. buy a rug for the foyer already…make a decision…commit to color…BTdubs, i’m thinking it will be the turquoise rug since that is more in my price range even though the persians are too pretty

3. style both credenzas under the TVs…upstairs (chips and all) and downstairs…right now you have a bunch of random stuff, and it looks quite half-assed pardon my language…but it’s ok, you can say that because it’s your home =) and BTdubs, that orange tray really has to go to goodwill…it’s not good

unstyled credenza under tv

unstyled credenza under tv

4. buy new sheets for your bed…the sheets you sleep on every night have a large rip in the corner and you stole those from the guest bedroom because the original dwell draper striped sheets ripped…i know you can’t decide, but let’s get on this already…decide if you are going to buy the same sheets you had before or go with something completely different

5. little maus will be going into a toddler bed in 5 months…you might want to start a mood board to switch the nursery from baby to little lady

6. style the tall dresser in the guest room

unstyled dresser

7. spray paint the 2 large max wanger frames white…you thought black would look amazing…you chose poorly…you have made emily henderson sad…now go spray those puppies white and since i’m showing this picture, let’s also make a note to buy larger euro pillow inserts…this are too small and it makes the guest bed look sloppy

max wanger balloon print

8. decide if you want to paint the chair from three potato four black and if you choose to paint it please note, you will have to reupholster the seat…you keep stashing it away in the storage room…you shipped it from philly, let’s display it

9. dust behind the hairpin table…it’s just gross back there…i refuse to show a picture of this

10. caulk both showers (while i was typing, the boy said we have a nice gentleman coming to the house to take care of this project…woohoo, check one off the list!)

11. find pillows for the upstairs and downstairs sofas that you are happy with…challenge yourself to find them from different stores and don’t forget, you have 2 vintage kilm pillow covers that are pretty and full of color upstairs in the closet you need to purge…see #24 on list

12. find a new coffee table for the TV room, but if you do that, beware that you may need to buy a new credenza under the TV…this could get expensive, this may have to wait, you have spent a lot of money in your head with this list already…maybe if you actually style it, you won’t see all the chips in it

13. style the mantle…i know you hate how it looks, but just style the damn thing…maybe you will end up liking it a bit more (ya, probably not) and again, let’s spray paint that frame white so you don’t make emily henderson cry

max wanger tulum print

14. buy window treatments for the TV room, you have them picked out, pony up the dough and buy them already…or buy the rug…don’t buy them all at once, you will go broke

15. the patio out back is almost complete, buy a couple nice plants from home depot to pot in the vessels you purchase at terrain during a oooooh, shiny moment

16. speaking of plants, you have a large empty pot that has been sitting in the front room for almost a year…put a plant in it already…figure out what plant you want and put it in the pot…domino magazine just ran an article of easy to maintain indoor plants…circle back to that issue

this planter needs a plant

17. little maus needs a step stool for her bathroom since she claims she is a big girl now and is no longer a baby…she wants to stand at the sink and brush her teeth and spit, just like the little dude

18. you bought 2 day planners from poketo, pick which one you want to use and commit to it…save the other one for next year

19. i’m seeing a commitment problem here…don’t tell the boy…i’m also watching my bank account slowly dwindle…this list is going to take a long time to complete

20. decide if you want to tackle reupholstering the chair in the guest room, i know you’ve never done this before, but hey, it might make for a hilarious blog post…or just post it on craigslist and find a new one, this one is really comfy but you just aren’t sold on this chair for this room…gasp, do i move it again? and if so, where?

reupholster chair

21. the boy keeps promising to clean the garage…if you finish all of the above projects, clean the garage…and i know the boy reads this on occasion, hopefully this threat is the added push i needed for it to become clean

22. find and hang artwork for the TV room…this may entail rehanging the brass horns, that’s ok, the boy will live even though he said the brass horns will never move again

23. clean your office…it has become the catch all for discarded flea market finds…this includes the shelving behind the closet doors…omg, i cannot believe i’m actually showing you this!!!!!! and yes, that is a giant space heater…my office is always cold

messy office with vintage panoramic pictures

24. purge your closet…it’s atrocious

25. style the basement bathroom…it’s so sad that a room so cool is so sad and lifeless…any suggestions here? what do you put over the over the toilet? artwork? or should that go on the opposite wall?

how do i decorate a bathroom

26. you bought a pretty vintage bentwood shelf…find a home for it…maybe in the TV room? (after writing this, i ran upstairs and i think i found the perfect spot! yeah!)

27. you bought a cool brass horse head hook, find a home for it as well

28. remember that west elm lamp that you were married to during the desk restyle, find a home for that too because it’s really cute

29. style the guest bedroom night stand…maybe watch this video once as a refresher

30. remember how you were number 13 for the emily henderson night stand contest…ya, make both of those pretty again…and keep them that way, but make them functional as well…is that even possible? pretty and functional? give it a try

31. the hallway upstairs looks pretty bare…you might want to ponder what to do here

and before i get too overwhelmed by a list of 30+ fairly significant projects, i’m gonna stop. do you guys have a list like this? just even looking at this makes my head spin, and i have no idea what to start on first…maybe i should take requests! there’s an idea! anyone have a project listed above they’d like to see the after? maybe i need to hit up laura again for a collaboration? that desk restyle turned out nicely…can you believe i have not futzed with anything on that desk?


rug for the foyer /// interior design

Sunday, July 13, 2014

hipster foyer

hey guys! so i need your help…like i really need help…my foyer is finally no longer a merry-go-round of random tables, chairs, trunks and shelving…so yeah me! that in itself is winning. this has been a long 3 year process to finally get it where i feel satisfied with the look and feel. i really liked the idea of shelving in this space, but with small children, my precious knick-knacks seemed to wander off or [sad face] break into a million pieces…so no open shelving for this gal in this hipster home. however, the lightbulb shone brightly above my head when i found this barrister cabinet at the randolph flea market in chicago, il, and i thought the height would fit nicely under the stairs. (i will have to say it was a very squeaky ride home with this large metal cabinet and its hinges in the back of the SUV.) the glass doors protect my precious vintage SX-70 polaroid camera and deter sticky little fingers. the vintage paddles were found at oak street antiques and yarn in baraboo, wi…and the chair is a reupholstered vintage haywood wakefield that i found on craigslist…total and complete score!

so here is my dilemma…i know i need to add color…i love bold splashes of color when i see it in other homes but shy away from it when it comes to my own. color is a commitment…but i’m forcing myself to add a bit of commitment with a rug (and possibly some wallpaper…but let’s take baby step here…besides, that’s material for another post…coming soon!) let’s stay focused on the rug here. i need help. i don’t think i’ve ever purchased a real rug…oh sure, i have a jute rug by the front the door, but i’m talkin’ about a fancy rug…one with color, one with a pattern…one that i’m going to be committed to. i thought i found the perfect rug at lulu & georgia, only to find out it was out of stock. i would have cried in my soup had i been eating soup.

i’ve picked out a few below. but let’s refresh, this rug will live in the foyer, i will have people with dirty shoes coming thru the front door…so nothing can be too light or white (although i have picked one light rug with orchid…it’s gawjus!). i’ve looked at persian rugs, turkish rugs, vintage kilm rugs, trellis rugs, chevron rugs…my mind is spinning…i know i need a rug, but decisions, decisions…what do you think?  let’s go shopping, shall we? sources are listed below…also, the randolph flea is coming up july 26 + 27 of this month…seriously, it is one of my favorite fleas to attend…the finds there are so unique plus they have music and great food…you can’t go wrong. and who knows, maybe i can score an amazing rug find.

hip rugs for a foyerhip rugs for a foyerhip rugs for a foyerhip rugs for a foyerhip rugs for a foyer

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salvaged lamps /// for your home interior

Friday, July 11, 2014

auxilium salvage lamp

designer and maker katie warren recently launched a brand called auxilium salvage…a new eco-minded company whose focus is to bring the mundane, the disused or the unloved to life again, injecting objects with new purpose and place…product is rescued from its resting place and lovingly restored, one by one back in her workshop. everything about this company makes me excited and tingly all over.

her latest line, the candy collection, consists of rescued old and disused lamps from a cable factory in cologne germany (one of my favorite places to visit and also home to the boy’s uncle), traveling 400 miles to london where katie’s team has transformed them for a second life, hence her tagline, “salvaged from germany, reconditioned with love in london”.

auxilium salvage lamp

these originally banged up old factory lamps undergo a major transformation to a simple, industrial and classic design that would look awesome in any home, office or cafe…the color palette is bright and modern and gives a gentle nod to the 1950s…the decade the lamps were originally manufactured. katie and her team inject a new modern edge from their original aesthetic. if one of the 13 standard colors isn’t quite perfect, you can customize it to your heart’s content inside and out. i personally am a fan of the diamond blue outer and creek blue matte finish on the inside…but the grey outer and hot pink inside is divine as well! decisions, decisions! i have been looking for a new pendant light in my mudroom, this one is a strong contender…something bright and fun to liven up that room…and maybe add in this wallpaper to the mix…a bit of nature and a nice bright pop of delicious candy fun!

auxilium salvage lamp auxilium salvage lamp

every lamp is masked and hand painted making each one unique and special. i love this reuse and recycle idea, but what i’m loving more is wondering what conversations these lamps heard over their many years and what will they be privy to next…in my house it would probably be me telling my kids put their shoes on and the buzz of a washer…but maybe in your house it would be a little more exciting! so what are you waiting for? go order one already!

auxilium salvage logo

katy skelton /// the zelda table

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hello lovelies! while perusing the interwebs a month ago, i ran across the most adorable table i’ve ever laid eyes on. from the genius mind of brooklyn based designer katy skelton, please meet, the zelda table.

the zelda table by katy skelton

i mean, hairpin brass legs, a unique engineered concrete triangle top the is simple, classic, modern, smart and sexy (can a table be sexy?) all in the same breath! yowza! get in my shopping cart stat! and that is what happened…it was seriously love at first sight. in fact, i think i would put one in every room if i could. so i pre-ordered this puppy and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. and waited and waited and waited…until today…i might have peed a tiny bit when the ups man ran the doorbell…but that is probably tmi.

the zelda table by katy skelton

the zelda table by katy skelton

anyhoo, i was going to add this to my recent pretty little things post, the midas touch, but i really wanted to reveal it on its own…felt it needed it’s own space on house of hipsters. so what do you think? do you love it as much as i do?

the zelda table by katy skelton

the midas touch — styling with gold

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

gold and brass…i heart it, vases, lamps, bowls, tables…pops here and there…reflecting light all around a room…the shiny surface can give an object more dimension and draws the eye in. even the smallest gold detail can have a big impact…it makes everything just sparkle, and lately, i can’t get enough of it…it’s in my house, on my wrists, around my neck, on my feet…yes, it can easily get gaudy if over done, but when used as an accessory here and there it looks so glam and lux.

got a vintage piece that needs a little sumthin’ sumthin’? DIY that sucka! give that puppy a new life by grabbing some metallic spray paint asap…get creative and stick that pretty little thing on a shelf already. it seriously could not be any easier…just tape it off, go outside, and spray to your heart’s content.

when you use gold or brass in unexpected ways it can be so much fun…spray just the legs of a table…spray the inside of a lamp shade…spray a third of the bottom of an old glass vase unevenly for a fresh dipped look…maybe just the hooks on an old coat rack.

styling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brassstyling with gold and brass

check out what didn’t make the blog on the house of hipsters pinterest board! in case you missed it, check out my last pretty little things for more shopping and styling ideas for your home!

sources here

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defining my style…hmmm, kinda

Thursday, July 3, 2014

sometimes people ask me, “hey, how would you define your decorating style?”, and i usually just ramble or stumble upon my words. it’s hard to describe what my style really is? it’s an eclectic, vintage, classic, mid-century modern, industrial, with a dash of mantiques…but really it is hard to explain…i’d recognize it if i saw it someone’s home, hmmmm, kinda girly but not really girly, kinda manly but not really manly…a hint of old granny, but not shabby chic…a little brady bunch sans the color rust but there are usually pops of orange…furniture from leave it to beaver’s home…yes, i have a momofuko cookbook on display…yes, i have vintage cameras (and know how to use them)…how does it all seem to work? i don’t know, maybe some visuals will help?

house of hipsters define my style interior designhouse of hipsters define my style interior designhouse of hipsters define my style interior designhouse of hipsters define my style interior designhouse of hipsters define my style interior designhouse of hipsters define my style interior design

some of my furniture is new from room and board, pure home or stitch in chicago, but some pieces are from sellers i’ve found who refinish, restore or reupholster vintage furniture…these are usually my favorite pieces. they come with a story. they have held up over time. they are sturdy. they have heft. they were well made…hell, they lasted 30-40 years, and now have a whole new life. my vintage stores of choice…well, i can’t give you all of my secrets today…but if i had to name a few, they would be: scout, brimfield, an orange moon and white attic. and now that you know my secret places, you have to promise to keep them to yourself, and please don’t buy every cool piece or i might have to hurt cha.

1  ///  2  ///  3

i think a great way to keep light bouncing around the room is to add a few metal pieces…give the room some shine. nothing to big…just some decorative accent pieces. above, i chose a lamp, the zelda table with brass hairpin legs…hairpin is having a moment right now, and i was a giddy little school girl when i found this particular table…in fact, it is on a UPS truck right now and i can’t wait for it’s delivery…but more on that later, and i love love love this tom dixon metal candle…get in my house already!

1  ///  2  ///  3

sometimes i fear color and i step away from the room only to see that it is navy, grey or brown…sad face. so to add a few pops of color without being to married to a piece, i’m on a kick right now with vintage kilm pieces. i like the boho feel it gives without being overly hippie. and some of these pieces are just like bam! in your face. it gives the room life. my latest i have to have it piece is this bench from barrington blue…i love it so much it makes my heart want to explode!

1  ///  2  ///  3

so next, i like to layer in a bit of nature. i’m not really a let’s go sleep in a tent kinda girl, but i don’t mind having a birch tree branch decorate my home interior. i’ve featured this vine pendant from pieces in atlanta, ga in a prior post, but i heart it so much, i’m going to show it to you again. i have this pendant lamp in my foyer and we have it on every night…it’s all twinkle-y and sparkle-y at night…it’s just so pretty. but back to nature…bringing in some florals can really soften a table…it takes some of those harder edges and gives them a bit more of a girly feel.

1  ///  2  ///  3

accessorize with what you love…i’m going to go back to that uniqueness. yes, there are those furniture stores that sell packaged vignettes: the sofa, loveseat, chair, 2 end tables and a coffee table…they make it really easy for you by selling it in a package but then you walk into 6 different homes and they all have the same identical set…so if the package route is what you choose to go with…make it your own by finding items you love…i’m partial to vintage cameras (and i was before it was cool), stacks of design, photography and cook books and small figures and unique vases.

1  ///  2  ///  3

and lastly, i like a touch of mantiques…you know those vintage pieces that are very manly? ya, those! vintage fans. heavy old shelving that can be converted to a table…this is where the florals can help tone down the manly man feel. being a graphic designer, i’m partial to old signage, and the “division – downtown” vintage bus roll turned sign from three potato four really spoke to me. i work in chicago and i love to hang in the bucktown wicker park area, so it really fit me and kinda goes back to that whole accessorize with things you love idea.

1  ///  2  ///  3

so after this novel of a post, i ask myself again, hey girl, what is your style? well, i guess i’d have to say my house is a living, breathing, work of art that is unique to me and my family that will probably never be finished…the best the boy can hope for is for me to stand back whenever i have the house “just so” and smile…ad probably move a couple pieces around again…friends who visit the house may judge it or not appreciate it for what it is, but in all of it’s uniqueness, i can guarantee my guests will remember my home design…they may not be able to describe it, but darn it, they are going to remember it and talk about it to their friends…i wouldn’t have it any other way

inspiring spaces + places

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

hey guys, so on my first inspiring spaces + places post i was really drawn to collage and gallery walls…it kinda became a thing…but this time i was all over the (pinterest) board. see, i stopped pinning for about a year and recently picked it up again…ever since laura invited me to pin on her staging, styling & shelfies board (which you should check out), i’ve been more inspired. this new found inspiration is a much needed pick me up in this home design funk i’ve been in.

see, what you don’t know is i have this “little” patio project and basement project that didn’t quite happen at the same time, but literally my house has been a crazy construction zone for like 3 years. project after project…contactor after electrician after plumber after carpenter…the basement (which was a complete refinish…barebones, exposed walls and pipes, to now having a bathroom, entertainment room, playroom, office, and storage space) has wrapped on construction, but i’m completely failing in the design and styling department. and to make matters worse, i’m in the thick of things with the patio…it’s one of those projects that never seems to end. and since i like to customize everything it takes that much longer to source and finish…ugh! thank gawd the boy is putting up with all this nonsense.

not that i’m complaining…i know i’m very lucky to even be able to do these things…but it’s been overwhelming and frustrating at times…sometimes i think i’m going to go outta my mind…but it’s exciting as well to see a vision that is in your head come together…although it can be very difficult for a general contractor to wrap his head around the fact that you want vintage doors that have been salvaged from a high school to be sanded, refinished, and custom hung in your house oh and the writing on them all has to read the proper way so make sure to put that light switch on the correct side once you open the door to the room…ya, that was a whoopsies…such is life.

i hope you find these spaces + places as beautiful and inspiring as i do…i swear i want to jump into each room and just hang out, read a book, eat an amazing meal, take a bath…ok, ya that might get weird and awkward…but you know what i mean.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

inspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spacesinspiring places + spaces

pack a perfect carry-on

Saturday, June 21, 2014

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a month ago i was enjoying some r&r in hawaii and oh how i miss it so! because we left for 2 weeks and half of our vacation was spent with my husband’s co-workers, i had to pack smart…and that included my carry-on bag. it got my thinking, what makes the perfect carry-on? this flight in particular was about 10 hours…because i’m not a good flyer (all i can think about is twisted metal and plunging into the ocean…i’m petrified), i have to stay completely entertained (and partially tranquilized). we upgraded to first class lay flats, so that helped tremendously…but what was in my bag? well, here is a glimpse.

what is in the perfect carry-on bagperfect-carryon-bag-2

what is in the perfect carry-on bag?

i think the most important thing to me is the bag itself. it has to be roomy, lightweight and pretty to look at doesn’t hurt either…my bag of choice is this one by mara hoffman. i bought mine last year during shopbop’s black friday online holiday sale. the leather straps are really heavyduty, so i don’t have to worry about ripping my bag from the weight. i like to carry a couple magazines (but not too many or it weighs you down). here i chose instyle and yoga journal. what my magazines do not cover, i know my gold covered iPad will have me covered. books, movies and music are all i need to pass 8 hours worry free. my bose noise canceling headphones are amazing…even if you are not listening to audio, they keep the chatter out and your flight quiet. my brookstone backup battery keeps my technology charged for the duration of the flight and i d’not need to fret about battery life preservation.

my skin tends to get really dried out while flying, so hand cream, cuticle oil, and facial moisturizer are a given. the pressurized air increases your skin’s oil production, so i combat that with a little help from a tiny bottle of priori moisturizer…it’s so hydrating, plus it’s spf 30, so when you are standing outside waiting for that rental car, you face is already prepared for the sun! fresh sugar lip treatment has been a lifesaver for chapped lips (i even use it on my kids). it smells amazing and makes your lips sooooo soft! i received it as a sample from sephora and immediately bought more when my tiny tube ran out…i know it is pricy for lip balm but it lasts forever. if i want to add a little color, i use urban decay’s lip love honey infused lip gloss. the smell is divine. sometimes after a couple alcoholic beverages, my mouth feels like a cat pooped in it…this disposable toothbrush is just the ticket to keeping my mouth from feeling like a litterbox. in fact, i carry them daily in my purse. my final dryness protection is butter’s handbag holiday cuticle oil. it smells fabu…like vacation and a pina colada and i think someday i’d like to swim in a vat of it. for my hair, a few hair clips from keep my topknot in place…and always have a sweet pair of aviators…i like sunnies better then an eye mask because i can wear them yet still look around the cabin of the plane.

i know you can get a blanket on the flight, but being a slight (ok, freakish) germaphobe, i choose to bring a cozy cardigan and colorful scarf. it keeps me warm and my mind doesn’t go into a neurotic tizzy thinking about the last person who use my blanket. an easy, quick release watch is great for getting thru security without fumbling around with bands and holes. this one by michele is a nice easy on, easy off option and keeps you clear of the metal detector. we usually travel to a warm weather destination, and my travel footwear is not always conducive to beach weather, so i like to carry a change of sandals…i like these from joie because the black and tan leather slides go with anything.

on my first plane trip ever, the airline lost my bags…i didn’t get them back for 3 days, so learned at an early age to be prepared for the worst. i’d have such a frowny face if i arrived in hawaii with no bikini…i usually pack an extra in my carry-on as a just in case. even if i have to live in the same clothes for 3 days, at least i can sit my the pool and drown my sorrows in a fancy fruity cocktail with an umbrella on the side. this swimsuit by j.crew has more of a high-waisted retro look and coverage on the backside area…which i’m partial to.

my wallet and clutch keep all my tiny bottles and such rounded up in an easy to find compartment…everything stays organized and the clutch comes in handy after your arrival for dining out. so there ya have it…did i miss anything? do you have any essentials that i missed?

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