House Of Hipsters is Moving!!!!!

Woah! Dude! Where on Earth have you been? Are you alive? Are you still blogging? WTH? Well, shizzz just got real you guys! House Of Hipsters is moving…like we are packing everything up in boxes and gettin’ along little doggies, we’re outta here. What am I talking about? Confused? Here’s the deets.

Last summer, The Boy sent me a listing for an over the top Mid Century Modern home, in our price range, in a sweet area. The house was, hmmm…how do I say this? Not good. In fact, I think my exact words were, “This place is MCM overload.” Apparently there was something as too much MCM. The kiddos were napping so I poked around a bit more. Low and behold, I hit the motherload! The house I knew had to be mine. Open concept, Mid Century Modern, glass panels for rails on the stairs, totally impractical and scream, “money pit”. Yup, I had to have it.

Gorgeous Mid Century Modern home built by Milton Schwartz.


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