Free New Year’s Party Invitations

Hello my friends! It’s Day 5! We promised more and today we have more! Free New Year’s party invitation you can download for your very own Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party! So what do you guys think of this shindig so far? Is one of my readers going to host this puppy? I better be getting one of these invites in the mail. I’ll be there with bells on cuz I’m crushing on this bash hard. Seriously, everything is just too amazing! As each post goes by it just keeps getting better and better! Well, let’s get to the goods here, shall we?

Free Speakeasy New Year's Party Invitations


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DIY – Candle Packaging


Free Printable Candle Label Graphic

I have to admit, 100% of the time, if you were to place two identical items in front of me, one having spectacular packaging and the other with horrible type and all the crazy colors of a fruit bowl, I’d pick the pretty packaging hands down. Even if it was more money, I’d buy the pretty packaging. Materialistic, maybe? Vain, maybe? I’d like to think hope chalk it up to good taste. But one this is for sure, it’s the graphic designer in me. I crush on good typography. I live for it. I’m constantly judging magazines and billboards for their kerning. I just can’t help it.

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Free Printables

So we did another set of printables for you guys. If you missed last month’s, click here. They are in the 5 X 7 format (I’m still working on different sizing options), but I think I you guys SHOULD be able to shrink AND enlarge if you print them with someone like Shutterfly since I gave you a pretty high resolution. So my darlings, are you excited to see what we have for you this month? Excellent!

Free printables

Here’s the first one, and there’s THREE MORE after the jump!

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