Master Bedroom Makeover with Universal Furniture

​​If you’ve been around these parts for a while now, you may have wondered why I no longer post photos of the master bedroom. Well, ever since we moved, the design just seemed off. The navy blue headboard was just too high and zip zilch nadda worked above it. There is a weird inset between two storage closets where there should be something amazing, but no matter what I popped in there, it did not scream shazam. Alas, there was a disconnect between the old design and the new house.

When Universal Furniture approached me to partner up, I was all in for a master bedroom makeover. BTDubs, the entire post makes feel like I’m on an episode of Cribs…“this is where the magic happens”. Anyhoo, here’s is a sneaky peek, and if you think this is good, just wait for the full reveal, and you don’t want to miss the before look.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern with Universal Furniture's Spaces Brantley BedBrought to you by Universal Furniture
Spaces Collection   ///   Brantley King Bed with Wall Panels   ///   Everette Accent Chair

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