Home Tour – Ashley Redmond’s Tiny Treehouse

A couple years ago, I virtually met Ashley Redmond when we worked with Decorist to redesign my guest bedroom. I must admit, I had a tiny girl crush on her when I checked out her portfolio. She’s this super cool interior design chick, who has killer style and practices yoga…and she was going to help me design a room in my house. Eeeep! Yup, right then and there I pretty much want to be Ashley when I grew up. Just sayin’.

Home Tour - Ashley Redmond - The Tiny Treehouse - Interior Designer — via HouseOfHipsters.comAll photography by Julia Sperling.

We were a great match up too because her design aesthetic is right in line with mine. A little mid-century modern, a touch glam and oh what the heck, let’s mix in a funky touch of boho shall we? SRSLY, mixing rattan with some brass shazam is the bomb dot com.


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