16 Modern Sofas I’m Drooling Over

After owning a vintage leather sofa for a year and using it as our main chill area in the living room, it’s trashed. Apparently we live like savages because we’ve totally and completely ruined that sucka. There’s now 2 gigantic holes in the center cushion where my daughter likes to dig her Barbie heels.

My son carved words and lines on the backing because it was “fun”, and the cushions are just plain old shlumpy. Mr. Beautiful Vintage Sofa, you were pretty to look at, but I’m over you. A quest for the perfect TV watching sofa, affordable sofa, modern sofa…leaning towards ivory sofa (cuz the kids won’t wreak havoc on that…ha right) has begun. I’ve scoured the ends of the interwebs to bring you 16 modern sofas I’m drooling over.

16 Modern Sofas I Want In My Living Room


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